What care does leather goods need

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How nice it is to take a new leather handbag in your hands, run your hand along its soft surface … It is so wonderful that now you want to go everywhere with it. But will it be possible to maintain the chic appearance of the bag with such intensive use? Of course, it will succeed if you take care of it correctly. And if you do not yet have such experience, this article will certainly help you acquire it.

It is clear that any products made of genuine leather need regular and thorough care. Therefore, when buying such things, you should set yourself up in advance that you will have to make some efforts to keep them beautiful and new for as long as possible. Ordinary pollution, even severe, can be eliminated with a simple soapy solution by soaking cotton or soft cloth in it. Later, the already dry surface must be cleaned (this must be done regularly) with ordinary shoe polish. The cream is colorless. Keep in mind that such cleaning is completely unsuitable for varnished bags — they lose their luster from this and it is unlikely that they will be able to restore their original appearance.

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The rest of the leather goods (bags, wallets, briefcases, gloves, etc.) only “get better” from careful cleaning with a colorless cream. Of course, you need to clean it not with a brush, but with a soft sponge, applying a small amount of cream to it.

Lacquer bags are cleaned differently — there are special products for them that can be purchased at any store that sells bags. The same applies to leather products with a matte surface — you can’t do with “home” means here, you need to buy an emulsion for this type of skin.

Perhaps the most “problematic” in terms of care are suede and velor bags. However, despite this, we love them very much and buy them, so it’s still worth knowing how to care for them. There are quite a few restrictions for suede, nubuck, velor: for example, they cannot be washed (like leather bags). If the bag is very dirty, you can gently wash it in lukewarm soapy water, in no case wringing it out. Most often, such bags are steamed, while gently brushing. Fortunately, manufacturers of all kinds of aerosols, sprays and liquids for the care of suede and similar materials, take into account the ladies’ love for such bags (as well as shoes), so there are plenty of good products on sale. You just have to pay attention to your favorite handbag from time to time.

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