What to do if you forgot the code on your suitcase: tips from Grizzly

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Any manufacturer of a suitcase with a combination lock sets the default combination of numbers in the cola before selling. Usually these are the simplest options, similar to the pin codes of mobile gadgets “four zeros”, “three ones”, and so on. Most buyers, of course, change the code to their own combination in order to reduce the chances of scammers opening luggage. But what if the order of numbers you entered flew out of your head? How to open the lock of a suitcase if you forgot the code to it?

We select options and look carefully

Probably the most painstaking, but also the most optimal in terms of the scale of consequences, is the selection of possible combinations. Knowledgeable people recommend this method if you need a suitcase in the next 24 hours, and you will not have time to get to the master during this time. There can be hundreds of combinations of three or four numbers, and it will take more than one hour to try. There is a secret: if you look closely at the lock mechanism, you will notice small gaps between its internal parts. If you dialed the wrong number, only the mechanism wheel will be visible in the gap. But if the number is correct, you will notice a groove. This will mean that you have already guessed part of the code. Another way is not to press the lock opening button too hard and at the same time start scrolling the wheels. As soon as the first stalls, take on the second, also to the stop, and then the third. In general, searching through all possible combinations of three digits takes up to two to two and a half hours.

Focusing on hearing

In a similar way, you can try to pick up a combination «by ear». You need to rotate the wheels very slowly, listening well. As soon as you hear a slight click, leave the wheel in the position in which it was heard. Pay attention to how much effort you have to make to turn the wheels, and fix the moments when the lock gives in too easily or, conversely, too tight. It is worth noting that this option is only good for suitcases in the mass market segment, because the locks that usually work silently are installed in prestigious products.

Mechanical Methods

Again, they are more suitable in the case of affordable suitcases. You can use a manicure file to “break” the lock, or open it with a regular screwdriver, and if you have a knife at hand, then with a knife. It is easiest to pick a lock that is partially made of plastic (particularly the plastic latches that lock the sliders) rather than entirely made of metal.

In addition to built-in, there are also suitcase padlocks with codes. If you forget the code on the suitcase in such a lock, you can try to find the right combination of numbers by turning the wheels. If there is no time to mess around, you can simply cut off the padlock shackle, but for this, of course, you will need at least some tool.

In a workshop

If you have the opportunity to contact a specialist, be prepared for the fact that the master may require confirmation of your rights to the suitcase. As proof, you can use the receipt received at the airport.


You can “sacrifice” the lightning and open the suitcase by piercing it with a ballpoint pen. The handle should be inserted between the right and left parts of the fastener, push and spread it apart. Then, releasing the slider, close the clasp again.

It happens that you realize that you forgot the code at the moment when the suitcase is still open. Don’t rush to close the lid! Tear the lining where the lock is attached, and using a Phillips screwdriver, simply unscrew the bolts that secure the lock to the body. From the inside of the removed lock, you will need to unscrew the protective cover, under which the mechanism is located. After that, you should set the position of the wheels so that all serifs take a horizontal position. This will be the code you forgot. You can remember it or change it to a new one before screwing the lock back to the body of the suitcase.

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