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Women's backpack: what to look for when choosing

The backpack has become an essential attribute of the urban life of girls and young women. To the university, to training, walking, shopping — without it, nowhere. Unlike a handbag, this versatile item is not matched to clothing or situation.

Choosing and buying a women’s backpack is not an easy task, but an exciting one. It will help to solve it by choosing according to specific criteria.

All that is necessary and sufficient for comfort

To move in public transport, you need a compact backpack that can fit notes, a lunch box, a fitness uniform, a tablet, a folder with documents. The smaller it is, the more convenient it is with it in the subway or trolleybus. For these purposes, a volume of 5–10 liters is sufficient. An example of compactness without loss of functionality is a model from the 2016 collection with dimensions of 22 x 32 x 15 cm.

  • Construction, fastenings and straps

An important characteristic of the product is the anatomical backrest, which evenly distributes the load. It repeats the shape of the back and has soft springy inserts. Thanks to the rather wide straps (5 cm), the burden, even weighing 6–7 kg, is almost not felt. Excellent orthopedic characteristics have a universal model with a reinforced back, which is suitable for university, school and city walks.

  • Appearance and style

Before you buy a women’s urban backpack, you need to decide on its style and style. One fit classic products with a «sporty» appearance. Others prefer transformers, more like fashionable bags that turn into a backpack with the help of fastened straps. Still others choose rigid models that resemble a satchel. Fourth like soft cozy backpacks in the form of a sack on a drawstring. As for color combinations, here, too, each girl has her own preferences. Take a look at this model: you won’t want to take your eyes off the gentle and reverent combination of gray and pink.

  • Internal design

For comfort and functionality in the city, one or two internal compartments, pockets for the phone, small change and keys are enough. Rich internal filling (three compartments plus a pocket with a zipper and a pencil case organizer, two outer mesh pockets) is provided for those who choose this backpack.

Products made of genuine leather look noble, but are expensive, so they can hardly be considered as an everyday option. Those that are sewn from textiles are beautiful, but they allow moisture to pass through, fade over time, and tear. In the manufacture of Grizzly backpacks, only practical materials are used that do not lose their characteristics during operation — tarpaulin, nylon, taslan, polyester.

5 tips for the right choice

  1. Models for use in urban areas are not intended for hiking and travel.
  2. It is better if the girl has two or three different backpacks in her wardrobe for all occasions.
  3. An external mesh pocket for a water bottle is optional, but very handy. Guarantee that water will not spill in the internal compartment and flood things.
  4. The quality of the seams and the ability to adjust the straps are best checked in the store.
  5. The price orientation is as follows: the cost of a high-quality model is in the range of 1500–4000 rubles.

The Grizzly women’s backpack is the brainchild of high technology, a fusion of aesthetics and functionality. The choice of those who value practicality and quality.