What to take with you when going on a trip?

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What to take with you when going on a trip?

The holidays are approaching, and I’m already starting to plan my summer vacation. Where to go? What to watch? And most importantly — what to take with you on the road? These questions torment me every time before the start of the summer travel period. We have been traveling with my family for a long time and very actively, so I have something to share with vacationers.

What will always come in handy when traveling:

one. Good suitcase. It should not be too bulky, because it is not known how long on the road you will have to carry it in your hands and to what height to raise it. When choosing a suitcase, opt for a lightweight, dark-colored version with well-reinforced wheels and a handle. In general, wheels are the most important part in a suitcase, because only they will allow you to relax, transporting your things around the airport and from taxi to hotel. Take a suitcase that has 4 wheels, each of which is attached to a separate axle, then you can easily transport everything you need.

2. If you are traveling without children, try to do without a suitcase at all, use only hand luggage. So, you can enter the cabin of the aircraft with a bag of rather large dimensions: 56x45x25 cm. It is quite possible to fit all the necessary documents, money, a laptop and some clothes into it. If you stay on vacation at a hotel, then this will be quite enough, and if you need to buy something on the spot, then there will be no problem. Traveling with hand luggage only saves you the hassle of spending time at the baggage carousel. By the way, it is much easier to travel with a backpack, it completely frees your hands and adds mobility, I have one! If you are afraid of thieves, then you can hang the backpack not on your back, but on your chest, so you will be calmer.

3. When traveling with children, you cannot do without things. If your baby is breastfeeding, stock up on baby food because the brands you are familiar with may not be available where you are going. Also, take your medication. Children’s antipyretics — a must. Allergy pills will also come in handy if you are flying to an unfamiliar country. I usually also take paracetamol, aspirin, something antiviral and first aid. For children, it is also possible and necessary to take a few games or thin books, coloring books on the road.

four. Required documents. It is not necessary to take everything, but if you are traveling alone with a child, take the consent of the other parent just in case, especially if you are flying abroad. In addition to passports, you may need a driver’s license and photocopies of the first pages of passports. Carry them with you all the time, and hide the originals in the safe in your room.

5. Try to take with you things that do not take up much space. Not so long ago I bought a down jacket in a sports store, when folded it takes up a place of 10x10x10 cm. You can’t even imagine how convenient it is! You can even put it in a lady’s handbag, and in the evening sitting on the seashore, throw it over your shoulders and keep warm. Take raincoats instead of umbrellas, bar soap instead of liquid, flat shoes, a small laptop, a small hybrid camera instead of a SLR, especially since they are in no way inferior to them.

6. Leave space in your suitcase. This is important if you are going to bring souvenirs to your relatives. I have seen more than once how tanned vacationers buy suitcases at airports, because nothing fits in the ones with which they arrived. Spend money wisely, and go on a trip, think in advance where you will put gifts. Perhaps an extra bag can be taken from home to save the family budget on vacation.

It’s hard to plan for everything when planning a vacation, but as my dad says — «take less things and more money», and this advice always works flawlessly! Think a thousand times before carrying a suitcase with all your wardrobe and jars of cosmetics if you are going to a hotel for a week. The maximum that you will need is two evening dresses, a pair of swimsuits, three T-shirts, shorts and a warm windbreaker. And do not forget chargers for equipment and spare flash cards.

Happy vacation!)

Author: Irina Sokov.

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