What was fashionable this year? Women’s bags 2010

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With the onset of autumn, fashionistas inspect the wardrobe, pack and hide summer accessories away, thinking about whether they will come in handy next year … What was different about the fashion bags of the outgoing year? Before answering this question in detail, we note that in 2010 the role of the bag as an accessory in general has increased significantly. Moreover, this accessory, in its importance, turned out to be almost on the same level as shoes and clothes. And now — a little about what specifically distinguished fashion bags this year.

The first interesting feature is the emphasis on inexpensive practical materials. Fashion bags 2010 are not necessarily products made of genuine leather or suede. Textile and plastic bags are in the foreground, and in a sense this cannot but rejoice. It is not a pity to buy such a handbag for every day, you can easily go out of town or on a trip with it.

By the way, about travel and country trips. This year, special attention was paid to backpacks. Only not a big tourist one, but elegant, light and romantic. Do not think that such accessories are the prerogative of youth. The main thing is that the backpack is appropriate in a given situation and goes well with clothes and shoes.

Fashion for large, roomy bags in 2010 just blossomed in full bloom. The more voluminous, the better. On the practical side, it is very convenient: what did you usually carry there in numerous packages and additional bags? Books? Notebooks? Paper folders? Notebook? Now the necessary things will easily fit in your purse, without particularly crowding out everything that is already in it.

Of particular importance during the year (and mainly in its warm season) were pure white bags. Models and materials are not so important, a beautiful white bag was appropriate and a miracle how good it is in any performance. There is no secret here: white is always beautiful. But in general, if you pay a little more attention to the colors of fashionable bags-2010, it should be noted that in most cases they are quite bright. Moreover, a specific color does not matter, but its saturation, juiciness is very important.

In the summer, straw bags were at a premium, regardless of the situation and costume. At the peak of fashion were straw bags trimmed with leather or fabric. Many designers rightly believe that this beautiful summer accessory will not lose popularity next summer.



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