White bags: care rules

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White bagBut the white bag still has one drawback, and the drawback is significant. It is because of him that many women even deny themselves the pleasure of having a white bag. White bags get dirty easily, any speck is noticeable on them. Alas, this sometimes gives their hostesses a lot of additional trouble. But if you think that this trouble is irreparable, then you are mistaken. There are several good ways to clean a white bag at home.

The first method is for surfaces that are not too dirty. Cut the onion and rub the cut on the stain or greasy part of the bag.

The second method is one of the classic ones. Mix water, ammonia and liquid soap — all in equal proportions. Apply this mixture to a sponge or soft cloth and wipe down a white bag.

The third method is for radical pollution. For example, you accidentally “put” an ink blot on a white bag. You need to squeeze the juice of a lemon, moisten a clean cotton wool in it and remove the stain with it. Better, of course, if the stain is not too old.

The fourth method is for the most accurate. Gently, almost without pressing, rub the contaminated areas of the bag with fine sandpaper. If you overdo it, the skin can be damaged.

And a few more tips on how to keep your white bag looking new for as long as possible.

Buy a special cleaning cream for leather bags. Sometimes, about once every three weeks, wipe the bag with this cream, applying it to a sponge for this. In addition to creams, there are cleansing foams. You can buy these products at any handbag store.

It is also useful to sometimes wipe the bag with citrus peel — lemon or orange, it doesn’t matter. After this simple procedure, the bag usually shines like new. For the same purpose, the owners of white bags (especially varnished ones) periodically polish their leather surface with glycerin.White bag

Of course, a white bag needs special care (and regular), but the pleasure of looking like a queen is undoubtedly worth it.

What was fashionable this summer? White bag, clothes, shoes…

White color has always been considered the most suitable for summer. But the last summer season has simply raised the fashion for white to the absolute! There have never been so many people dressed in white on the streets of cities. No one was afraid of summer dust — white clothes and accessories became an everyday option. First of all, it concerns women’s fashion. It is not difficult to assume that such pleasant and beautiful fashion trends will come back to life next summer, but for now let’s remember: what exactly was fashionable? Let’s name a few things that were especially popular.

White bag. Impractical? But charming. And many young ladies of different ages flaunted with pleasure with white leather and textile bags, which, as you know, always look beautiful and chic. Both voluminous bags and miniature clutches were equally welcomed. In combination with light outfits, such accessories looked just perfect.

White sandals. However, not only sandals, but also shoes, and light ballet flats, and clogs. Beautiful, elegant women’s shoes, often with thick wooden soles, were at a premium. As in the previous season, metal spikes, silvery rhinestones and rivets remained appropriate. Weightless and comfortable ballet flats continue to delight girls and women who lead an active lifestyle. Like bags, elegant white shoes can act as both festive and everyday.White bags

White jeans. This clothing was incredibly popular in both women’s and men’s versions. True, the heat rigidly dictated its own fashion conditions, so white linen trousers, breeches, capris were an excellent analogue.

White hat. Another thing, the fashion for which fits perfectly into the weather conditions of last summer. Wide-brimmed white hats are not just beautiful — they are wonderfully protected from the heat. Thus, this elegant accessory, which looks like a real lady in your face, performs two functions at once — practical and aesthetic.

White sundress. This is really very beautiful. The girl looks like a princess in it
and if she managed to tan at least a little, then the effect is completely amazing. White color is refreshing, gives the impression of something special, even if the style of clothing is quite simple. And, most importantly, white suits absolutely everyone, regardless of eye color, hair, age, body shape, etc.

White bags

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