Why do backpacks have a loop at the bottom?

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A special category is non-standard backpacks at first glance, to which additional questions arise: why is there only one strap, and why is there an additional entrance with a zipper at the bottom, and what is this “patch” on the facade of the product? And this is natural, since when buying a new accessory, we want it to be as practical as possible, and not just beautiful in appearance.

If everything is clear with the inside of the backpack (usually everything is standard there: several compartments, a pocket for gadgets, etc.), then its outer shell raises more questions. Manufacturers often equip products with some kind of fasteners, slings, nets.

Today we will focus our attention on the lower segment of the backpack. On some models, another loop is seen at the bottom, identical to the handle for manual carrying. Why is she needed?

Bottom loop on backpacks.jpg

As a rule, such loops are found on tourist backpacks, but sometimes they can be seen on urban ones (to be honest, very rarely). Moreover, there can be two of them at once on one product.

The first purpose of the loop is to hang and carry the equipment and personal belongings of the traveler. For example, trekking poles, an ice ax, an ax, a bowler hat, a karemat. Additionally, you can use a carabiner and hook on slings.

The second purpose is to easily intercept the backpack in extreme conditions, when it is more convenient to take it by the bottom edge.

But there are no strict rules in this matter: a person has the right to use the loop in any way convenient for him. The main thing is that this “chip” really makes life easier for him. For example, in everyday life you can attach a cool decoration (keychain) to it, and on a hike — at night — hang a lantern on.

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