Why do backpacks have a rhombus with slots

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Why do backpacks have a rhombus with slots?

But there is a «trick» that can be seen on completely different backpacks — both urban and hiking, both men’s and women’s. We are talking about a rhombus, incomprehensible at first glance, with two characteristic slots. By the way, the “trick” that is trending these days, have you noticed?

Many do not understand why this patch is needed — does it have any practical use or is it just an ordinary decorative element? Now let’s figure it out.

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The purpose of the leather rhombus: from the past to the present

Some believe that this is a «feature» of a particular brand or even a logo, but it is not clear why it was copied by other manufacturers. This is evidenced by popular requests on the Web such as «what is the name of the company with a backpack with a diamond.»

But no, the secret lies elsewhere, and the rhombus sewn to the outer front of the backpack is not a brand feature and certainly not a company badge!

This rhombus, by the way, even has an official name — “lash tab”, which in literal translation from English sounds like “paw” or “tab for tying”. Already based on the name, we can draw conclusions: the patch is of practical use! But what? To be honest, today is not particularly big, but before …

Previously, such a diamond was an indispensable element of a hiking backpack and served as a loop to which a carabiner or rope was attached. Thus, it was possible to increase the functionality of the product by clinging other objects to it and freeing the hands from the burden.

Nowadays, the overlay is no longer used for its intended purpose and has really moved from the category of useful «features» to decorative ones. It decorates both tourist and everyday backpacks. And most often it is canvas.

Sometimes you can meet people who attach identification tags or reflective elements to the diamonds. But these are rather isolated cases, and not a pattern.

Types of diamonds

The patch always has the same shape — a rhombus with two parallel slotted stripes. Holes can be located both vertically and horizontally. The first option is much more common.

By the way, in the English-speaking environment, the rhombus is also called «pig nose», which means «pig nose». And what does it look like, right? 🙂

One backpack can have one or more patches. Usually they are placed in the center at the top of the backpack, but this is not a mandatory rule, as there are models with a lower and even lateral arrangement of a rhombus.

The most popular material from which rhombuses are made is leather (genuine or eco-leather). If you use the «chip» for its intended purpose, then shortcomings will soon be revealed. When wet in field conditions, the material loses its shape and breaks over time. However, this does not threaten decorative rhombuses.

They also produce patches made of PVC, dense fabric, hypolon.

The color of the rhombus can be absolutely anything, but black, brown and beige options are the most popular.

By the way, Grizzly also has trendy backpacks with rhombuses. Want to see? Scroll through the catalog and choose your new friend with a «piglet»!

Bonus for those who have read our article! A joke from our designer!)

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