Why do backpacks need lacing?

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Why do backpacks need lacing?

Trekking, cycling, snowboarding, sports backpacks are more complex in design. On them you can often see in front some seemingly incomprehensible gates, slots, loops, leather patches. All this can be called in one phrase — a competent system for attaching equipment.

These additional devices are absolutely not for the beauty of the product — they have a certain practical benefit. And it turns out that the volume of the product is not so important, since you can attach and hang something on the outside of the backpack. It is also very bulky and bulky.

Mysterious Lacing #1

Often on backpacks there is lacing. Why is it needed — now find out.

Lacing can be made from ordinary rope or elastic. Usually it is placed on the facade, but it is also found on the side.

Purpose of lacing:

— suspension of a bicycle helmet on bicycle backpacks;

— screed of a half-empty backpack — it is especially convenient on a hike when the provisions are already over, and it is uncomfortable to carry a huge backpack on your back;

— fastening of the alpenstock (climbers’ sticks) and other tourist equipment.

In principle, the carrier of the backpack has the right to come up with his own version of the use of «chips». Alternatively, when walking in the park, you can put newspapers / magazines under the lacing.

Known to all lacing No. 2

We can’t help but include in the category of backpacks with lacing the well-known canvas products with a tie at the neck. They are also called backpack bags. The lace is pulled together and fixed with a special clip or tied, and a valve covers it from above.

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