Winter gloves

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Choosing winter gloves: a few rules

The Russian climate dictates its own rules, which are hard to argue with, so winter gloves have always been an indispensable attribute of our clothes in the cold season. Guided by a few little secrets when buying gloves, you can easily make a good choice.

  1. You should always try on winter gloves with the outerwear with which you later plan to wear them. The sleeve should cover the glove by at least a few centimeters.
  2. If the gloves are even slightly out of size — it’s better not to risk it, they should sit perfectly right away.
  3. It is not always enough to know the exact size to buy gloves, because the size can be the same for two people with completely different hands. Gloves are exactly the accessory that is still better to try on before buying.

Good luck with your purchase — and let your hands be warm and cozy this winter!




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