Women’s black bag — «too boring» or «simply excellent»? You decide!

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Sometimes, when it comes to clothes or accessories, the mere mention of the word “classic” makes us feel sad. No wonder — not everyone should be fans of strict colors and clear lines. Some people prefer a more relaxed style, while others are simply tired of the endless requirements of the office dress code. However, in some situations, classic things become the only possible option — and what to do then? After all, any person wants his own reflection in the mirror to make him smile, and not cause the feeling that “something is wrong” again.

Everything in our life can be approached creatively, including the selection of wardrobe. Then, in fact, it will turn out to create a strict, but at the same time effective and attractive image. For example, a bag can be chosen so that it will be a worthy addition to both an office suit and an evening dress. Yes, this is not a matter of two minutes, but there is nothing impossible in this.

There can be any number of handbags in a ladies’ wardrobe, but there is an item that a modern woman can hardly do without. A black women’s bag is a must-have in your collection. Even if there is no collection as such, then one of the two or three handbags available will most likely be like that. And it’s understandable why.

Firstly, black color is appropriate almost everywhere — whether you are going to visit or go to have fun after work.

Secondly, this bag is suitable for any clothes and shoes. Unless the swimsuit will look strange with her.

Thirdly (this reason is banal, but let’s tell the truth), it is practical — you are not afraid to get it dirty and not every time you fan your office window sill with a handkerchief if you have to put a bag there. Running out of the house in a hurry, you do not grab your head in horror, having found on the bag (in which, of course, everything you need is already folded) a scratch or a mark from a fountain pen. Even if such a nuisance happens, it will not be noticeable on a black surface.

So, we have found out that if a women’s bag is black, this makes it comfortable in every way. But, unfortunately, even the most convenient and practical sooner or later we get bored. It’s time to buy a new handbag — and we choose black again, even if it’s pretty boring to us. It’s simple — it is necessary that the bag fits all suits and you can go anywhere with it. And finances do not always allow to purchase several options for all cases. What to do? Find a bag that is both classic and spectacular at the same time. Believe me, this is within the power of not only great connoisseurs of fashion and style, but also us mere mortals.

Here are some simple rules that endow a strict accessory with all the features that a luxurious and bright little thing should have.

1. Considering the black color too simple, strict, unpretentious, do not forget that in fact it is refined, elegant, eye-catching. Another thing is that designers do not always successfully emphasize this. Let’s say the relief texture of a leather handbag creates a more interesting look of the product. The same role can be played by a shiny clasp or a beautiful belt — the main thing is that there are not many such decorative elements. Otherwise, the effect may be opposite.
2. Even the very quality of the leather your bag is made of can create a luxurious look. Lacquered finishes look very elegant.
3. A bright detail on a black background is another brilliant solution. But even if you need a black women’s bag without any color additions, don’t worry. Such an addition can be a bright scarf tied to a belt, a beautiful, tastefully selected keychain, jewelry — all this can be put on or taken off, depending on the situation.
4. Unusual shape. Of course, you are unlikely to buy a «every day» bag in the form of a guitar or a giant apple — let’s leave these entertainments to young fashionistas graduating from school. Adult and serious ladies need something respectable and — at the same time, not the same as everyone else. A briefcase or any other classic will not work in this case.
5. One of the trouble-free ways to help in the case when we do not give ourselves even the slightest “indulgence” — we need a black bag, and that’s it, no bright details and decorations. Here you can do it very simply — choose a product not from leather, but from nubuck or suede. These materials themselves look expensive and beautiful, and bags made of them are perfect for both special occasions and everyday life.

And, finally, remember that the most ordinary black women’s bag will look luxurious if it is made by masters of their craft. At least one expensive handbag of a famous brand must be present in your wardrobe. Then you certainly won’t have to think of anything to make it brighter.



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