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Consider what color women’s bags can become universal and fit any of your clothes. The opinions of stylists differ, so let’s talk about color schemes, selection rules and explain why not only generally accepted colors have the right to exist in your wardrobe.

Classic universal colors of bags

For a long time, white and black handbags were considered classic, but fashion is changing. Today, stylists are increasingly abandoning these colors and consider them old-fashioned.


Black accessories go well with different styles of clothing: business, classic urban, evening outfit, casual and more. With them you can go to work in the office, walk around the city or attend parties.

Unfortunately, black does not always fit pastel colors that are fashionable now. It looks overly contrasting.

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Typically, white bags were called timeless classics. With the only caveat that such accessories are only suitable for summer.

In winter, girls often prefer more practical dark clothes. White looks too contrasting in such a wardrobe and draws attention to itself. But if you have light coats or boots, then there is nothing to worry about — white looks harmonious with them.

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Modern universal colors of bags

Based on current fashion trends, stylists have selected colors that will go well with a variety of clothing styles:

  • Grey.

  • Brown.

  • Beige.

  • Burgundy.

This is not to say that such handbags are ideal for all things in your wardrobe, but in most cases you will get a stylish composition.


Sometimes girls avoid gray bags — they consider them gloomy and inexpressive, but gray has a lot of modern shades:

Such accessories look interesting with a wardrobe that is usually worn to work, a party, a walk around the city and more. They look fresh and noble.

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Brown bags can also be considered universal — the color is easy to combine with a variety of clothes. From what combination of shades you choose, the perception of your image by others will greatly depend.

For example, brown with yellow looks calm — suitable for every day. Brown with blue, teal or green looks defiant — a great way to impress others.

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Shades of beige are usually used in the wardrobe by calm people. Whatever tone you choose, the bag will harmoniously complement your clothes and become a subtle but expressive element of the overall style.

It doesn’t matter whether you take bright contrasting things or create a solid-colored «total look» — a beige handbag looks amazing.

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Burgundy bags make the female look more luxurious and elegant. Such accessories often become an element of the autumn wardrobe, but the color has many universal shades:

Such handbags are more suitable for girls with dark hair and fair skin. Sometimes they form bold combinations with everyday clothes and not all girls are ready for such experiments. One thing is for sure — you will be fashionable.

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Simple rules for choosing a universal bag color

  • Prioritize simplicity. The more details and all kinds of shades in the handbag, the more difficult it is to combine it with different elements of the wardrobe. At the same time, monophonic models are organically combined with almost any style of clothing.

  • Forget about shoes. Not so long ago, the shade of the bag was matched to the color of the shoes, but that time has passed. Now stylists are increasingly choosing a handbag for clothes or one of the accessories: a scarf, belt, earrings, etc.

  • Stick to your style. Usually a woman prefers her own style of clothing, and does not follow all fashion trends at the same time. This means that when choosing a bag, you can choose not the most versatile color, but the one that goes best with your wardrobe.

We hope that our tips will help you choose your favorite bag that you can not part with.