How do Italian women dress?

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how do italian women dress

Italy is the birthplace of fashion, both high and street and casual, and this is no secret to anyone. The Italian style of clothing is a standard not only for all European women, but for the whole world. This style of dress combines not only sophistication and elegance, but also freedom — both in spirit and movement. If you have ever been on the streets of Italian cities, you must have noticed this feature. It would seem that the clothes of a typical Italian woman are as simple as possible, comfortable and free, but they look so elegant, as if this woman has a personal stylist. The science of how Italian women dress is not difficult to comprehend, and it is not necessary to have financial access to luxury boutiques with clothes from great couturiers.

Style of different seasons

How do Italian women dress in autumn? Perhaps this is the time of the year, in addition to spring, when the style on the Italian streets blooms in riotous color. What you can immediately notice is the practicality of the clothes. Jockey boots without heels or shoes (Italian autumn is warmer than ours), fashionable trousers and dresses, jackets and stylish accessories, without which gloves, scarves, scarves, bags are nowhere to be found.

How Italian women dress in the summer can also be judged by looking at ordinary city dwellers. Italians are one of the sexiest nations, so it is in summer that this feature is fully manifested in clothes. Here are short mini-shorts, and open sundresses with a maxi-length hem, and fashionable tops and T-shirts. Shoes, as a rule, without a heel, in summer it is most often sandals made of straps.

To clarify the final picture of the style of Italian streets, it remains to find out how Italians dress in winter. Winter outerwear here is not only practical, but also chic. Fur and leather are very popular. Casual shoes are also without heels, but not without grace and style.

As you can see, the science of how fashionable Italian women dress is pretty simple. The main feature is the optimal combination of practicality and convenience with beauty, sexuality and chic.


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