How do people dress in Europe?

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how to dress in europe

Going on a long trip to Europe, it will be useful for many women to find out how people dress in Europe in order to avoid ridiculous and unpleasant situations in the future.

For Europeans, the main motto is simplicity and comfort. Therefore, if you want to know how women in Europe dress, you will be surprised at how indifferent many of them are to fashion.

How is it customary to dress in Europe?

Not everywhere women are indifferent to fashionable things. For example, if you compare Italy, Sweden and Germany, you can pay attention to the fact that minimalism is inherent in their clothes. They prefer soft colors, and the predominant style is sporty and casual. And such clothes, comfortable and discreet, are worn by everyone — from young people to the elderly. But among the bulk there is also a small percentage of those ladies and aristocratic women who follow fashion trends and like to dress expensively, catchy and glamorous.

But if we are talking about Spain, then here women dress differently than in the rest of Europe. They are very fond of expensive and sophisticated outfits, they follow all fashion trends and update their wardrobe with a beautiful dress or stylish suit for every important event. French women are also very fond of fashion. But if a Spanish woman should have luxury in front of everyone, then a French woman, if there is some fashionable attribute in the image, then it will harmoniously fit into the overall image, and not catch the eye of all passers-by.

Since travel is mainly planned during the warm season, it is worth learning about how women in Europe dress in the summer. Despite the season, convenience and comfort are above all for them. This is mainly due to an active lifestyle. In Europe, it is very difficult to find a native woman dressed in a skirt, high heels and makeup. In the summer, they mostly wear comfortable T-shirts and T-shirts, jeans and shorts, and shoes, of course, are also comfortable. It can be sneakers, sneakers or regular low-speed ballet flats. Going to Europe, do not take with you open things and too short dresses and skirts. There such clothes are considered very vulgar.


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