How do people dress in Moscow?

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How to dress in Moscow

Moscow has long been perceived by most people as a city separate from Russia, one might say, a separate state in which their own ways, way of life, fashion, and style have been formed. Is it really? Let’s try to figure it out.

How do people dress in Moscow now?

In the era of stagnation and the cold curtain in Russia, people saw little. The deficit especially affected the appearance of the population. People began to compensate for the lack of brightness, the lack of choice in clothing a little later. And it seems that this process cannot stop in any way.

It should be noted that style is valued in Moscow, and special attention is paid to clothing brands. Of course, the fashion for modestly looking labels has already passed, but branded clothing is a must for appearance.

If we compare Moscow with Europe, then in European countries they have long ceased to pay special attention to the quality of clothing on a person. It is not the status that is valued there, but the inner world of a person. That is, you will definitely not be met there by clothes, which is still accepted in Moscow.

So, the way young people dress in Moscow can be safely called street style or street style. First of all, convenience is valued. But! It should be combined with fashionable and actual clothes.

Moscow youth are not alien to jeans, skirts, leather jackets and, of course, all kinds of accessories in the form of glasses, chains, bracelets, rings, scarves and bags. Everyone knows that the pace of life in Moscow is very high. This is probably why many girls changed their shoes into ballet flats and sneakers. Fortunately, both models are extremely relevant this year.

Like it or not, Moscow girls always pay special attention to their appearance and selection of an image. It is with great pleasure that they share their impressions of the next branded purchases with each other. This is probably for the best, because as long as a woman is concerned about her appearance, she remains a woman.


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