Italian street fashion

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Sultry and temperamental Italy is a country of fashion, refined taste and style. The main component of the Italian style is sexuality.

It is fair to say that the street style of Italy is considered one of the brightest and most colorful in the world — in each image there is originality and elegance.

Italian street fashion

Italian fashionistas dress much brighter than we do. And how could it be otherwise? When there is a riot of greenery and flowers of the Mediterranean around, how can you wear gray and boring things? Therefore, popular colors are turquoise, crimson, coral, terracotta, purple, green. And, of course, prints, the most diverse — from abstract to floral. Italians prefer only natural fabrics — silk, cotton, linen, wool.

Street italian style

Italy’s street style is loose-fitting shirts, jeans, sophisticated silk dresses, charming suits and mid-knee skirts. By the way, this length is called “Italian”.

Femininity and romance are back in fashion again, so the wardrobe of Italians is full of dresses and skirts. They choose different styles: maxi, mini, narrow, lush. If we consider trousers, then these will be long, wide models, or a cropped ankle-length style. Italians prefer layering in clothing, for example: a T-shirt, shirt and leather jacket or a T-shirt, shirt and trench coat.

Shoes should be bright and spectacular — shoes, stiletto sandals or ankle boots. A large number of glamorous accessories, bags and clutches. Large jewelry is relevant this season: bracelets, earrings, rings, beads. The main accessory of the Italian fashionista is stylish sunglasses.

If you want to feel like an Italian fashionista, then play with texture and color, and do not forget about slight negligence.


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