London style

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London style

Great Britain is known all over the world, first of all, for its conservatism. And at the same time, its capital London is rightfully considered the main center of youth avant-garde fashion. Contrast, but pleasant. London has absorbed countless trends and trends of modern fashion, diluting it with its exclusively British taste. The result is a unique and truly interesting mixture, which fashion critics called the style of London.

London street style

Anyone who first enters the streets of the British capital is often slightly shocked. There is no dullness, there is no routine, there are only people who are completely different from others — those who prefer their own style to all the latest fashion trends. They are called freaks, eccentrics, but not in order to somehow humiliate, but on the contrary, in order to emphasize their eccentricity and excellent personal taste.

The street style of London provides inspiration for many leading designers who took their first steps towards high fashion in the very center of Foggy Albion. Among them were John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Hussein Chalayan and many other world famous fashion designers.

London clothing style

The clothing of Londoners expresses not only their sense of style, but also the core social values ​​of Londoners. This is respect for the individual, freedom of expression and, of course, clothing. As for the latter, in this area the scope for imagination is not limited by anything.

At first glance, it may seem that London’s style of dress does not accept any rules. A mixture of styles, fabrics, textures and patterns is welcome. Outfits can be quite simple in their execution or, on the contrary, multi-layered with an unusual cut. And yet they are always diluted with bright, unusual, sometimes even overly bold accessories. It seems that the talent to mix incongruous lies in the blood of every Briton.

London’s clothing style always has a functional component. The outfit must certainly be practical. Perhaps that is why clothes made from natural fabrics are very often preferred by Londoners to synthetics, which keep their shape for a long time, do not wrinkle and practically do not need ironing.

This ever-fashionable British flag

It is almost impossible to imagine the clothes of the British without the main symbol of Britain — the Union Jack flag. It can appear on absolutely any element of the wardrobe: a T-shirt, jacket, boots, bags and other accessories. And paradoxically, it never goes out of fashion and does not spoil any image.

London style does not oblige you to dress from head to toe in fashion brands and labels. A simple dress or regular jeans is enough, if you skillfully dilute the image with a bag or shoes from a well-known brand.

English street style is sometimes strange, sometimes luxurious, but it is always bold and original. This means that the world will still hear about new talented avant-garde designers from the British Isles.


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