Moscow street fashion

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Moscow street fashion

In order to clearly understand and understand for yourself what kind of street fashion it is in Moscow, just walk along the streets of this noisy and busy city. Believe me, you will certainly meet here a lot of fashionably dressed people who are not alien to the concept of beauty and style. Some of them prefer «luxury» brands, while others prefer more democratic brands.

Moscow street fashion

Dressing in bright neon and acid colors, and combining seemingly incongruous, the guys and girls of Moscow do not go unnoticed. Short jackets, tight trousers, hair dyed in a variety of colors — all this can be seen on the streets of Moscow.

However, there are many who prefer neat and elegant clothes in a restrained style. Such young people try to dress in branded stores, and their wardrobe is filled with things made of the softest leather, exquisite fur coats and various fashionable outfits.

The street style of Moscow is very diverse and it is rather difficult to describe it in one word. This season, the attention of fashionistas is attracted mainly by pastel shades in clothes. They are versatile and can be paired with almost anything. Also, there are bright colors here, but only in moderation. Do not forget about accessories. Walking around the city, you can see that even the most ordinary outfit can sparkle with new colors with the right use of jewelry and other decorations.

Moscow street fashion in the new season 2013

Moscow street fashion in 2013 is simply unthinkable without girls in shoes with huge heels. Although such shoes are not always comfortable, you don’t have to worry about the sexuality of the image and confident gait. After all, standing on heels, each girl is transformed, her figure is tightened, self-confidence and a smile appear on her face.


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