New York street fashion

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new york street fashion

New York is one of the largest centers of the global fashion industry. The street style of New York is, like the basic principles of the American way of life, democracy and freedom. The main features of street fashion in New York include ultra-modernity and style, the ability to combine expensive branded items with clothes from flea markets or seasonal sales of democratic brands.

Mixing styles

New York is a metropolis that combines the wealthy neighborhoods of Manhattan, inexpensive areas of Brooklyn and Chinatown, and the bohemian Downtown. The way of life of their inhabitants affects the style of clothing.

Manhattan — elegance and expensive brands. Brooklyn — hip-hop clothes, brand names on display, massive accessories — all bought in Chinatown markets. The style of Downtown is casual, bohemian, things from vintage markets. All these styles and directions are mixed in a huge city and complement each other, thereby creating an interesting, unique and multifaceted street fashion in New York.

New York street fashion in 2013

This season, designers offered New York fashionistas chic accessories, stylish shoes, bright colors and interesting color combinations in clothes, all kinds of prints. Leather jackets, military-style clothing, cropped tight trousers and jeans, shorts, voluminous bags and small hard bags that can be worn over the shoulder, ankle boots, high boots are in fashion.

Street fashion in New York for the summer season 2013 — long or short light dresses with all kinds of prints, or solid colors in bright colors. Skirt lovers can afford lace short skirts, long, flying and translucent, a classic pencil skirt made of bright, textured fabric. Blouses and tops are silk, cotton, knitted from white and black to any bright shades and colors.

To look stylish and spectacular, it is worth experimenting with details and styles, and sometimes trying to combine the incongruous.


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