Paris street fashion 2013

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At the mention of Paris, such associations most often arise: fashion weeks, fashion shows, fashion capital. This city has a special atmosphere that affects the style of its inhabitants. You should know that the street style of Paris is not blindly following fashion trends, but a demonstration of your individuality.

Characteristic features of the Parisian style

The street fashion of Paris 2013 is, first of all, comfort, elegance, romance, sometimes slight negligence, restrained tones in clothes. One of the main conditions is the appropriateness of the outfit for the time and occasion. Parisians do not come to work or lectures with evening make-up, mini-skirts, deep cleavage and stilettos. You don’t have to wear all the latest fashion to go shopping.

Parisian street fashion is all about having the basic pieces in your wardrobe that are the foundation for any look. Such basic things can be a little black dress, a skirt, a blouse, a classic coat. You can revive a discreet classic outfit by complementing it with brighter, dressier pieces for an evening out. The perfect shoes, bag and accessories can complete the look.

Emphasis on accessories

Street style in Paris is also the amazing ability of Parisians to wear all kinds of headgear: hats, hats, berets and caps.

Parisian street fashion is also distinguished by the use of cravats and scarves in almost any outfit — both women’s and men’s. Knitted and fabric, long and short, scarves are worn with coats, jackets, jackets, shirts, dresses.

Street fashion in Paris is restraint and elegance, a sense of proportion and good taste, attention to accessories, individuality and moderate adherence to fashion trends.


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