Parisian street fashion

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paris street fashion

Paris is the city of fashion, love and lights. It is considered one of the world’s most important fashion centers, and deservedly so. It is Paris that is famous for its fashion weeks, famous perfumes, fashion designers, cosmetics and accessories. This city has its own atmosphere, which affects the style of its inhabitants. Paris gave the world such fashion designers as Dior, Christian Lacroix, Chanel. Yes, and Kenzo, Armani and Versace also started their activities in this city.

Parisian street fashion shows individuality, elegance and romance. The wardrobe of Parisians implies the presence of basic things, on the basis of which they create any images. The asymmetry and complexity of the cut is very rare to find on fashionistas in Paris — all this is offset by the use of bright accessories and layering in clothes. So, for example, a summer T-shirt is worn with a vest, while in winter, a long scarf, carelessly wrapped around the neck, completes the look with a coat. Such a rather «complex simplicity» makes one admire the street fashion of Paris. Comfort, slight negligence, restraint in colors and moderate adherence to fashion trends — this is the motto of Parisian fashionistas.

Fashion on the streets of Paris is distinguished by the use of neckerchiefs and scarves with almost any outfit, and all kinds of hats — berets, hats, caps — complete the look.

Paris street fashion in winter

Fashionistas and women of fashion in Paris follow the laws of street fashion in winter. In the cold season in their wardrobe, they do not use bright colors that knock down, patterns and prints. The Parisian winter is warm, and therefore the images of the Parisians are not constrained by bulky details of clothing. Winter in Paris can be compared to our late autumn. Layering, muted tones, accessories, following traditions are the main rules of fashion on the streets of Paris and in the winter.


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