steampunk girls

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steampunk girls

Steampunk, once a subgenre of science fiction, is now a style that combines the romance of Victorian London, the industrial era of the 19th century, and is inspired by the fantasy stories of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. It will soon make a huge leap from the fashion niche and become the center of everyone’s attention. The steampunk subculture in the next two years will move from the category of «hobby» and expensive products to mass production. Fashion trendsetters and jewelry and accessory makers are expected to incorporate the steampunk style into their future collections. This means that you will soon be able to see and purchase any element of the popular style in any store near you.

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Distinctive features of the style of steampunk girls are corsets, puffy floor-length skirts, tight-fitting trousers, shorts, leggings, small hats, airy thin fabrics and veils, many layers of ruffles, a wide variety of hairstyles and eye-catching makeup. Men should not be excluded from the new trend, among whom this style is also gaining popularity. Leather elements, a variety of fictitious mechanisms in golden hues, aviator glasses, vests and frock coats — all these elements of clothing can be found on modern steampunk men.

Steampunk clothes

If you are inspired by this style and want to create your own steampunk look, you should know that this hobby is not cheap. But if you are determined in your actions and ready to go all the way, we are ready to tell you about all the nuances of steampunk clothing.

  1. Hats: top hats, bowler hats, veils and ballroom masks.
  2. Coat: military theme and overcoats.
  3. Jackets: double-breasted, striped, with vests.
  4. Shirts: for women — chiffon blouses with ruffles and turn-down collars, for men — classic shirts, preferably without collars.
  5. Underwear: garters and corsets.
  6. The materials that are most often used in creating the look are velor, velvet and lace.
  7. Pants: You can use any, with the exception of jeans, which are considered too frivolous and uncharacteristic of the style. Often, as an addition, leggings are used.
  8. Steampunk dresses: short or long, pleated or fitted, ruffled or embroidered — the variety of styles and colors is the same as in the Victorian era.
  9. Steampunk shoes: leather boots or high boots, always with lacing and on a high platform.
  10. Steampunk Accessories: Personalized aviator goggles are a must-have for any steampunk look, as are pocket watches. Often among the elements of steampunk jewelry you will find clockwork, gears, wires, compasses, locks with keys and other elements of the industrial style. The rest of the look, down to mobile phones and laptops, can be «victorized» to match your style.

Steampunk makeup

When it comes to make-up and hair, this style allows you to express your personality and has no particular restrictions — the more eccentric, the better.

In steampunk make-up, try to use pastel, golden, metallic, orange, blue and khaki shades for shadows. Colors should be soothing tones and never neon, but don’t be afraid to go overboard with eyeliner, false eyelashes and bright accents in the form of sequins and rhinestones. As for lipstick, you can use beiges and pinks to give your lips a natural look, or risk reds and burgundies. For blush, use pinkish and peach shades. With makeup, you can never go wrong, because in steampunk the main engine is your imagination.

steampunk hairstyle

Steampunk hairstyle is perhaps one of the most interesting and experimental moments in creating an image. Wigs, extensions, coloring, color accents, a wide variety of colors from bright red to turquoise — all this you can safely complement your image. Since the era is still Victorian, try to focus on braids and curls. Do not spare the hairspray and make high hairstyles, decorating them with big hairpins, feathers and hats, characteristic of steampunk fashion.

While the steampunk look is more suited to costume shoots and events than everyday wear, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if some of its elements were introduced into the casual style in the coming years.

Steampunk can be used as a cure for boredom by allowing yourself to step into an alternate history, unleash your inner inventor, and relive science fiction. For everyone, steampunk has its own meaning, but one thing remains the same: elegance and boundless imagination.


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