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outerwear winter women's clothing

Every woman wants to always be on top — look good, dress fashionably, be admired! However, when winter comes, the difficult question arises of how to choose winter clothes. The cold season, at times, makes us forget about beauty, many are only worried about warmth. But this year everything will change: thanks to the efforts of modern designers, the winter collection of women’s clothing allows the lady not only to dress comfortably, but at the same time remain as bright and stunning!

fashion trends

Fashionable winter clothes for girls, represented by such global brands as Emporio Armani, Burberry Prorsum and Emilio Pucci, exclude the presence of a short coat. Feminine and elegant models will not only keep you warm, but will also help you look 100%! The variety of colors, the presence of a stylish print and the softness of fabrics, all this is Bottega Veneta. Outer winter women’s clothing of this designer is just a godsend for those who prefer to always stay on top.

Women’s leather winter clothes are also relevant this year. To see this, take a look at the collection from Helmut Lang. Chic and extravagant models of raincoats made by a famous fashion designer are not suitable for every girl, but if you like to stand out from the crowd and look original, then you will have something to look at and something to try on.

french style

Everyone knows that girls in France always look fashionable and elegant. Therefore, it would be quite appropriate to ask how people dress in Paris in winter. Paris is the capital of world fashion, most of the shows are held there, among other things, France is the birthplace of most of the most famous figures in the fashion industry.

Watching fashion trends around the world, you can see a lot of shocking and rather extravagant outfits, however, despite everything that happens on the catwalk, in ordinary everyday life, most Europeans, including the French, dress rather restrainedly and even modestly. This does not at all indicate that they do not follow fashion, just the French style is elegance, emphasizing good breeding and aristocracy.

Watching how people dress in Europe in winter, you begin to understand that real style and real fashion are not only what we see externally, but also what we feel internally. Our worldview, education, understanding of the world are all part of ourselves, and if we want to keep up with modernity, we must improve and succeed not only externally but also mentally.

Finnish fashion

However, back to the discussion of fashion trends in 2013 around the world. In addition to France, there are other countries that also try to show their individuality and share their vision for fashion! Let’s take Finland for example. Finnish winter women’s clothing has always attracted attention, the production of this country is famous for its high quality. In Finland, as in many European countries, there are also famous couturiers who have been able to achieve recognition and respect all over the world. Take, for example, the talented Finnish designer Samu-Jussi Koski – in 2012 he received the Golden Hanger Award as the best fashion designer of the year. He became the creator of a women’s clothing collection called «Samuji».

Answering the question about how to dress in winter, Finnish designers offer their new creations for viewing. Take, for example, Mirkka Metsola, a brand that was born relatively recently, but is developing quite rapidly and dynamically. The designer is very passionate about modern trends and subcultures, in this regard, in his work you can often find something informal and shocking.

Some very nice options for how to dress for the winter are also offered by Minna, a young Finnish girl who managed to turn her hobby into a rather profitable business. The innate talent and amazing imagination of this young designer has been noticed by many fashion publications. Her clothing collections have been published on the pages of Elle, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Easy Living, etc. This year, Minna offers its fans a discreet collection in dark colors.

Selection of winter clothes

So what is the right way to dress in winter? The answer to this question can be very different. Clothing must be chosen depending on your type of appearance, health status, financial situation and other factors. For example, for obese women there are stores where winter women’s clothing in large sizes is sold. When tailoring clothes for curvaceous women, the designer takes into account not only the size of the product, but also its style, thanks to which the woman will not only look beautiful, but will also be able to effectively emphasize the advantages, while hiding the flaws. For this, inserts, drawings, blackouts at the level of disadvantageous places, etc. are also used.

When asked how to dress for pregnant women in winter, the answer will be the same — go to a specialized store, but remember that you should especially pay attention to the quality factor of the item you are purchasing. In winter, the weather is changeable, but it is rarely warm. Designers advise pregnant women not to give up beauty, because you can always follow fashion. This year, coats are very relevant, especially with fur inserts and a collar. In such a product, you will certainly not freeze, and you will look just great.


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