A3 bags: features and photos

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From this article you will learn:

  • Why an A3 bag is good
  • Who are these bags suitable for?
  • What should be the bag for artists
  • What materials are A3 bags made of?

Are you dreaming about a new bag, but you just can’t decide on a choice? Today, there are many models and forms of this indispensable accessory on the market, so it is not surprising that sometimes making a choice can be quite difficult. Our article will tell you the most important thing about A3 bags.

Why an A3 bag is good

A high-quality A3 bag is an excellent solution for people whose professional activities are related to technology, architecture or mechanical engineering.

Here is an example of such a product:

A3 bags

The outer lining of this bag is made of genuine leather, and the inner lining is made of abrasion-resistant fabric. On the front side of the model you see a deep pocket for quick access. The main compartment, divided by a zippered pocket, is large enough to accommodate A3 papers and a 17″ laptop. On one of the inner walls there is a zippered pocket for documents, as well as two open pockets for small electronic equipment and stationery. On the opposite inner wall there is an open pocket closed with a tape. The bag is equipped with a secure shoulder strap fastening system without the use of carabiners.

A3 bags

Advantages of an A3 bag:

  • capacity;
  • the ability to wear on the shoulder;
  • practicality for representatives of many professions for which it is important to always have a laptop “at hand” (visual-visual sphere, programming, etc.).

A3 bag for artists

Bags of this type, which can easily fit all the necessary materials and tools, are very convenient for artists. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about an adult or just a child attending art school. To date, the variety of designs and colors is so great that the optimal bag model can be chosen for everyone.

A3 bags

A3 format bag-folder, equipped with durable handles and all the necessary fittings, is indispensable in cases where it is necessary to organize the proper transportation and storage of works of fine art. Such an accessory will provide a compact arrangement of sheets and their protection from external influences. By choosing a model with several spacious pockets, which are convenient to carry not only sheets, but also paints, brushes and other accessories, you will do without additional bags. If you are planning a trip to nature and creating «live» sketches in the spirit of impressionism, pay attention to a3 backpacks, which are very popular among artists.

How to choose an A3 bag

So that the new bag does not disappoint you with the quality, pay attention to the following nuances before buying:

  1. Skin quality. Evaluate the skin to the touch — high-quality material should be soft and smooth. Then carefully inspect the bag and make sure it is free of stains, scuffs, or rips. And do not forget that leather of decent quality cannot be cheap.
  2. Lining. Make sure it’s made of a strong and thick enough fabric — cotton or viscose. The stitching on the lining should be even, and the seams should be strong.
  3. Details. Carefully check handles, clasps, belts, pockets for strength, because their sudden breakage or tear can ruin your mood for the whole day.
  4. Smell. Feel free to smell your favorite bag before buying. If you feel a sharp aroma with chemical impurities, refrain from buying.

A3 bags

    How to use a leather product

    Surely this question seemed strange to you and caused surprise. However, most people use and care for leather goods incorrectly or neglect any care at all, and their favorite things serve them much less than they could. Here are some simple tips for using genuine leather products that will help you keep your accessories in good condition for a long time:

    1. Moisture is harmful to leather goods. Therefore, they need periodic treatment with water-repellent compounds in the form of sprays, gels or creams. As a rule, such products need to be applied in several layers, giving each layer the opportunity to dry completely. You can use the product after processing only when the last layer is dry.
    2. In the Russian climate, it is unlikely that anyone can be surprised by falling under a snowfall or a downpour. Of course, leather products also get wet. If you get caught in the rain and get your leather bag wet, you will have to take care of it, at least dry it at room temperature. Do not try to dry genuine leather accessories on a radiator, using an iron, hair dryer or other heat sources!
    3. Do not use aggressive substances and compounds such as acetone (including acetone-containing nail polish removers), chemical solvents, alkalis and acids to care for leather items.
    4. Products made of dyed genuine leather suffer from direct sunlight: the paint fades and burns out under their influence. The same goes for artificial sources. Therefore, you need to protect leather items from bright light.
    5. Many people store seasonal leather bags in plastic bags, but this is wrong. The skin in such an airtight bag often dries up, cracks, and deforms. A smart solution is to put unused bags in a cardboard box or textile bag for the winter (or for the summer).
    6. Protect things made of genuine leather from mechanical damage. It will not be possible to remove the resulting scratches, and even more so to return the shape to the stretched product.

    Where to buy an A3 bag made of genuine leather

    The highest quality of BRIALDI is the result of many successive operations, the first of which is the selection of material. Only 10% of the leather produced worldwide meets our requirements, and not all of it is honored to become the basis for our products. Only the highest quality raw materials, carefully selected by our specialists, are worthy of turning into a BRIALDI bag. But first, the skin is cut, doubled, leveled, glued, sanded, sanded and re-sanded and dyed.


    Our policy towards employees is also aimed at creating bags of the highest quality. They are not limited in time and are not required to issue a certain number of products per week. We do not strive to do as much as possible — we want each bag to be the result of thoughtful and painstaking work, with special attention to detail, without which a high-end product is unthinkable.

    Each BRIALDI product is a true handmade masterpiece, because we select our employees as carefully as we select the leather for our bags. All of them are true masters of their craft, for whom an excellent result of work is the only possible result of painstaking creation, and the pursuit of excellence is a constant motivator.

    Gift to the director from the team

    And further:

    • Free shipping. We will deliver your order to any region of Russia for free
    • designer models. Our own model range and small volume of production makes our product unique and emphasizes the sophistication of the taste of our customers.
    • Stylish business solution. BRIALDI leather bags will perfectly complement your business look.
    • 365 days warranty. We are confident in the quality of our products and that is why we provide a full year warranty.
    • Responsibility to buyers. If you prove that the leather is not natural, we will refund the cost of the product in double the amount. In this case, the purchase will remain with you.
    • Each masterpiece has its own author. Only one master works on each bag, working according to traditional Italian technologies.
    • 8 hours = 480 minutes = 28,800 seconds. The average time it takes a BRIALDI craftsman to create one leather masterpiece.
    • Only natural materials. All products are made of high quality leather of elite varieties: Antique, Floater, GreatNappa, Venezia.
    • Attention to detail. Masters of the private leather manufactory BRIALDI set themselves the task of creating a perfect leather product. That is why great attention is paid to details.


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