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Fashion historian Milana Abieva spoke about the use of aged leather and its popularity especially for the online magazine «Shipyards».

Speaking of current fashion, it is very important to take into account current trends and features. However, there are some elements and styles in fashion that are not influenced by time. They are called upon to designate their position in life, express themselves and emphasize their individuality. One of these elements is aged leather, from which a huge number of products and accessories are made today: from leather jackets and bomber jackets to handbags and shoes.

Of course, aged leather is one of the hottest trends every now and then. Just one accessory made of this material can completely change any of your image. Perhaps that is why many luxury fashion houses also often use this material to create their products. Moreover, both male and female.

Some men’s brands that create expressive and recognizable clothing. They masterfully combine the perfect cut, minimalist styles, playing with their textures and colors. And it turns out, I must say, completely non-trivial.

Aged leather in fashion brands

Like this look from John Varvatos, a brand that often relies on aged leather. Dark blue jeans with a perfect fit, a white laconic shirt, as well as a stunning cut and quality biker jacket made of aged leather in a noble shade of Cuban cigars. Is there a better way to add a brutal touch to such a very casual look?

I must say that in such an outfit, for example, rough massive boots made of aged suede will sound great. But do not «overload» your wardrobe. Moreover, you should not do this with one image and things made of aged leather. However, one or two elements will definitely add charm to your bows.

Aged leather in fashion brands

By the way, fashion brands and girls are actively offering to complement their images with brutal bombers «from the boyfriend’s shoulder.» The more scuffs and cracks on the skin, the brighter it will emphasize your femininity and grace. A voluminous bomber jacket or a frayed leather jacket, styled with a flowing dress or cotton sundress, and complemented by massive boots — this is the universal recipe for a fashionable look for several seasons.

Aged leather in fashion brands

This «formula» definitely does not go out of fashion. Moreover, it has become a kind of classic and win-win combination. Like, for example, the combination of Cossack boots with shorts or the same feminine dress. Cossacks have gained such popularity and fit so well into the wardrobe of a modern woman that today they are offered by a variety of brands: from luxury to the mass market.

And, most often, the most fashionable models are presented just in aged leather or suede. Paris Texas, Isabel Marant, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand — all of these brands in general are very active in accessories made of distressed leather or suede. This makes their style recognizable, acceptable for everyday wear and very relevant. «Shabby» Cossacks look great with cropped jeans and a down jacket, as well as with tight trousers-pipes and a classic coat-robe, because modern fashion is very fond of contrasts, remember?

It is important to note that today there are so many styles and trends involved in fashion that sometimes you can get lost in this diversity. But the main thing is that everyone can create a stylish look that meets their own taste preferences. And, if you love bohemian chic or rustic style, then you definitely should get some “shabby” accessories.

Aged leather in fashion brands

Wearing a distressed leather belt over a cotton sundress or oversized sweater dress will give your look a whole new dimension. Complementing such an outfit with a bulky hobo bag or aged leather shopper and a large scarf, you will get not only a warm and cozy, but also a very stylish look.

Bags with an aged effect are generally a separate trend. After all, today even very elegant ladies who prefer a well-balanced cut and classic style often complement their looks with authentic vintage bags with obvious signs of wear.

This trend could not but affect the designers. That is why today in the windows you can increasingly find bags made of aged leather or suede. It can be either a waist bag or a tote or even a small backpack.

Aged leather in fashion brands

By the way, such models are perfectly combined with sheepskin coats that are relevant today — whether natural or made from eco-sheepskin. Such a tandem will provide a beautiful, warm and stylish winter look not only for girls, but also for men. Complement such a set with a voluminous cashmere sweater and massive boots — and success is guaranteed to you.


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