Anti-trend bags Fashion historian Milana Abiyeva, especially for the online magazine «Shipyards», spoke about bags that have acquired the status of old-fashioned. Read more

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Paying more attention to new trends, it is very important not to forget to periodically “revise” your wardrobe and free it from things that are out of fashion. After all, just one inappropriate element can completely spoil the impression of your image. Therefore, today I suggest you pay attention to several models of handbags, which, due to their lost relevance, can harm your image, giving it an old-fashioned flair.

It is surprising that before “old-fashioned” it was possible to call a thing no younger than five years old. But today, fashion is changing so quickly that some trends, after just a year of existence, have time to become so widely applicable that satiety occurs in the shortest possible time. And soon the once ultra-fashionable thing acquires the status of «old-fashioned» or, in modern terms, the language of «anti-trend».

A few seasons ago, on the catwalks of fashion weeks and in shop windows, one could still see the latest «emissaries» of the glam rock style, which had a strong position on the fashion Olympus for quite a long time. Shoes and sandals with metal spikes, studded belts, leather biker jackets and denim jackets all with the same characteristic details and, of course, bags of various shapes, sizes and colors decorated with brutal metal details.

It seemed to many that buying clothes and accessories in this style was a real long-term investment in the wardrobe. It seemed that the notorious rivets and spikes would never go out of fashion and, in one way or another, would show off in the collections of various brands.

Anti-trend bags

However, the gradually gaining momentum aesthetics of the nineties with its minimalist vision completely replaced glamorous rock and led us to laconic forms and a minimum of decor. Therefore, alas, I strongly recommend that the owners of handbags with spikes, rivets and an abundance of other decor in a similar style pack their treasures in anthers and send them to a well-deserved rest on the mezzanine until better times. And they will definitely come — after all, fashion is cyclical, remember?

Bags made of patent leather, unfortunately, overtook the same fate. Their bright, shiny and ultra-glossy texture does not fit into modern fashion. She, along with minimalism, was also chosen by the beloved street fashion. There was simply no place in such a company for a glamorous bag.

Even in their heyday, patent leather accessories were quite whimsical in their styling. Today, they do not fit into the concept of urban fashion at all. Therefore, we can safely offer them to lovers of vintage. They will be pleased to replenish their collections, and it is easier for you to create a relevant and stylish look.

Anti-trend bags

If there are fleeting trends, the speed of appearance and extinction of which the most frisky sports car will envy, then the popularity of the most ordinary cars can be safely attributed to them. A cotton mesh bag designed for grocery shopping instantly flooded social networks and catwalks.

Anti-trend bags

Perhaps only the lazy did not release his fashionable shopping bag. Surprisingly, some luxury brands have even used the shopping bag as a marketing ploy, offering it as a gift with a purchase. Of course, trends do not go out in one second, and there will always be those who jump into the “last fashionable carriage”, but if you want to look stylish and relevant, then I strongly recommend removing string bags from your fashion life.

Color-block, or rather, the technique of combining contrasting colors in one product, a few years ago was subject only to the most stylish of the stylish. Handbags that consisted of different color combinations were made, perhaps, by all fashion brands — from Hermès and Chanel to Zara and H&M. Of course, such models can be found today.

But, as a rule, they are created by brands for which the color block is part of their DNA. Otherwise, such models look irrelevant and outdated. And with the current trend for monochrome images and neutral shades, it will be very difficult to style such a product. When choosing a bag, this is definitely worth keeping in mind.

Anti-trend bags

Rhinestones, stones, embroideries in gold and silver… you can safely forget about all these elements for the next few seasons. Such excessive decor is not just difficult to call relevant. Moreover, he is able to cross out any successfully assembled image in an instant, making it old-fashioned.

Anti-trend bags

If you are unable to fight your love for shiny textures, then you have the right to complement your evening or cocktail look with a miniature hobo bag studded with many tiny rhinestones of the same shade. But for every day you can safely forget about this trend. Boldly, but not for long … After all, after the nineties, trends from the zeros gradually penetrate into modern fashion.


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