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Fashion historian Milana Abieva spoke specifically for the online magazine «Shipyards» about how to achieve the perfect combination of a backpack and a suit in order to achieve maximum functionality.

The holiday season is coming to an end and a return to working days is inevitable, so now is the time to think about choosing new trendy accessories that will successfully complement and refresh your look in the coming autumn. One of the most important attributes of business life is a bag — after all, one way or another, most of us going to the office take a tablet or laptop with us, and sometimes even a pile of documents, a diary and other necessary things.

And what can best accommodate all of the above? Quite right — the most ergonomic, comfortable and, perhaps, the most stylish solution will be a backpack. However, many are stopped by the fact that the backpack is considered to be a sports accessory. But, fortunately, modern designers today masterfully combine comfort and elegance. Therefore, you can safely choose a backpack as an office accessory — it is only important to follow a few rules.

If you have the strictest dress code and you only wear suits or dress pants with a jacket to the office, then it is extremely important to choose a laconic backpack made of leather or suede. Minimum external compartments, discreet fittings.

Backpack and suit: how to combine

This backpack is the perfect complement to any classic look — whether it’s a formal suit or dress pants styled with a shirt and jacket. In the cold season, it will also be a great solution for combinations with trousers, a pullover or a coarse knit sweater for everyday looks. Such a backpack will make your image status and concise.

Backpack and suit: how to combine

If you can afford to go to the office in what can be described as smart-casual, then you should also consider more relaxed options in terms of the shape and size of the backpack. However, I strongly recommend that you stay in a restrained color scheme — olive, gray, brown, beige, black, khaki, wine — any of these colors will fit perfectly into the autumn and winter wardrobe. Such a backpack will be comfortable to wear not only with a classic coat, but also with down jackets, thrown over a turtleneck made of wool or cashmere.

Backpack and suit: how to combine

For those who love bold decisions and experiments, the circle of choice is expanding. After all, complex images can easily remain within the framework of smart-casual, but at the same time be complemented by a backpack that is far from discreet — made of textiles or other materials, be more saturated in color and have bright and non-standard fittings. However, paying great attention to fabrics and color schemes, such a backpack perfectly complements very simple combinations.

For example, chinos and a cotton shirt with rolled up sleeves. Or non-standard checkered trousers stylized with an oversized turtleneck in a muted shade. In your free time, such a backpack will be ideally combined with absolutely everything — from an oversized tracksuit to shorts and a T-shirt in the summer.

Surprisingly, it is the accessory that can help you express your individuality and allow you to bring something of your own to any look — even the most discreet one. If you are not required to stay within a strict dress code, then feel free to choose any fittings and any model. However, it is still worth staying in a restrained color scheme — such an accessory will be appropriate in any situation, and it is much easier to style it.

Backpack and suit: how to combine

In a word, despite the obvious compatibility of such a wardrobe item as a jacket and a seemingly very sporty accessory like a backpack, this combination promises to be not only very comfortable and functional, but also extremely stylish. After all, as we know, one of the main rules of modern fashion is nothing more than a game of contrasts.

Moreover, unlike an office bag, a backpack will serve you well in your free time from office work. Therefore, when choosing a new accessory in anticipation of the coming autumn, pay special attention to backpacks. Perhaps it is the backpack that will become your faithful companion in the coming autumn and winter. Moreover, their popularity does not stop growing.


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