Bellroy Venture Sling: instead of a thousand backpacks

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Bellroy = admiration. Four years ago, the Australian company only sold wallets, but today the brand produces accessories for all occasions. The products are distinguished by an interesting design, reliable and durable materials and wide functionality. Each new accessory is an improvement of EDC.

The recent release of the Bellroy Venture Sling is an example of how Bellroy is improving its products by expanding the versatility of functionality. The new bag is larger and more spacious than the earlier versions of slings, while being minimalistic and neat. The accessory allows you to wear a little more than a standard everyday set of items. In this article, we will take a closer look at the novelty.

Main characteristics

  • Price: 11 670 rubles
  • Volume: 9 liters
  • The weight: 400 g
  • Dimensions: 32 cm x 18 cm x 12 cm
  • Colors: midnight, Basalt (on all photos), Ranger Green, Bronze

A little about design and functionality

Bellroy impresses with design and smart materials that are not only durable but also environmentally friendly.

The Venture base is recycled waterproof fabric. The rough texture testifies to the strength of this material and makes the bag unobtrusively colorful. In addition, the fabric is enhanced with HeiQ V-Block technology. This is an antimicrobial treatment that significantly reduces the accumulation of viruses and bacteria on the surface.

The Venture bag is available in four colors. They have more muted shades that will look organic in any environment.

The wide strap is both functional and aesthetic. No matter how heavily loaded the bag is, the strap will not rub against the shoulder, as it is made of soft, “gentle” nylon. He himself looks neat, harmoniously complementing the overall design of the bag.

And now about Bellroy’s sensitivity to the comfort of future owners of accessories. It doesn’t matter which shoulder you wear the sling on. The buckles on the belt are located on both sides of the bag — this means that the length of the strap can be adjusted in any position. This is why we love Bellroy.

The zipper runs the entire length of the main compartment and includes two sliders at once. Again, a small thing, but nice — you don’t waste a second trying to find the slider, because they are at both ends of the zipper.


Venture Sling includes 11 pockets. It seems that this is a lot, but each of them has its own purpose. The outer pocket is suitable for frequently used accessories — a medical mask, antiseptic, phone. There is also a key strap.

Inside is a padded sunglasses compartment and two elastic slots. They are practical to fold away when not in use, keeping the compartment looking neat and accommodating small items.

And that is not all. The main compartment is equipped with a pen slot, a slip pocket for a wallet and a hollow space for large items such as a camera.

The advantage is that all these pockets are out of the way when not in use. The material used is stretchy, so the pockets not only hold things in place, but also easily retain their slim profile.

Bellroy has done a great job of keeping the bag both simple and effective. A sling should be organized by definition because it replaces an empty backpack. Venture Sling copes with this task one hundred percent.


Venture Sling is versatile. First, the bag can be used to organize everyday items. Why take a backpack if your wallet, keys, phone, earphones, passport and power bank fit well in a sling. Secondly, it is utilitarian. It is suitable for both work and meeting with friends.

Thirdly, the bag can become a practical travel bag for organizing equipment. The photographer will be able to organize the camera, lens and a couple of memory cards inside the accessory. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about the safety of accessories — the soft back will protect the contents of the bag from damage.

Thanks to its flexible expandability, the sling automatically expands or shrinks according to the load of the main compartment without the need for physical adjustment. And this means that even when you go for a walk with your phone, headphones and keys, you can take the bag with you, because it is still minimalistic and neat.

Venture Sling is a versatile sling. The accessory is suitable for everyday use and organizes everything you need during the day.

The bag may seem large, but it is made in such a way that the design levels out the size. The compression function is practical and convenient to use, as it easily adjusts to the load of the main compartment. The fabric protects accessories from rain and is resistant to wear. Eleven pockets hold both small and large items.

Why do you even need a backpack if everything fits ergonomically in the Venture Sling?


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