Clutch or micro bag. How to choose and why? Read more

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Fashion historian Milana Abieva, especially for the online magazine «Shipyards», revealed the pitfalls of choosing between a clutch and a micro bag.

I am sure that the fashion chronicles have left you no doubt that clutches and microbags remain one of the most relevant bag models this season. Despite the fact that the season of such compact accessories is over with the last warm days, designers and stylists still insist that we do not neglect these miniature handbags.

And even though they can not be attributed to the most functional and roomy, they definitely take their strong place in the wardrobes of the most stylish girls. And therefore, if you decide to keep up with the trends, but still cannot decide what to give preference to, I propose to figure out which of the options is right for you.

Micro-bags have been storming the catwalks for several seasons and are the permanent heroes of street style photography sections. It’s amazing how such an absolutely non-functional accessory instantly gained wild popularity. After all, even a modern smartphone does not fit in such a miniature handbag! Not to mention lipstick or house keys. But this does not matter at all, because microbags are more than tolerant of being next to large tote bags, backpacks and other roomy ladies’ accessories.

Clutch or micro bag.  How to choose and why?

In addition, one of the advantages of wearing a microbag in the cold season is that you can perfectly fit the necessary little things in the pockets of a voluminous down jacket or coat. Such a solution will be convenient, and your image will definitely acquire an original sound.

This fall and coming winter, the micro-bag will look great with a trendy sweater dress, complemented by chunky military-style boots, or with jeans and an oversized sweater. Ultra-warm winter looks featuring this season’s trendy boots and a down jacket, a micro-bag will also perfectly refresh and make it less overweight.

Clutch or micro bag.  How to choose and why?

Interestingly, this is the very accessory that is absolutely not pretentious in terms of color. You can choose a micro-bag in the most unexpected shade — both in classic black and actual acid yellow or fuchsia.

Clutch or micro bag.  How to choose and why?

Being an independent accessory, it will easily fit into a wide variety of outfits. By the way, one of the bonuses of a micro-bag is its versatility — such an accessory goes well not only with casual clothes, but also with a cocktail dress or a classic tuxedo suit.

Moreover, a micro bag will definitely not lose its relevance in spring and even summer, so today it can be safely called a well-thought-out investment in a wardrobe.

And if the microbag still seems to you a “capricious” accessory, then you can always opt for a clutch. It has not lost its fashionable positions for almost a whole century. Of course, the clutch is in many ways similar in functionality to a micro bag. This is due to the fact that initially it also had rather modest dimensions. Nevertheless, the seventies and eighties of the twentieth century gave us an absolutely indispensable, stylish and versatile accessory — a voluminous clutch.

Clutch or micro bag.  How to choose and why?

Today, when fashion has absorbed all the best that couturiers and designers have created over the past century, voluminous clutches have already become an eternal classic and do not lose their relevance. Clutches-envelopes, clutches-pies, clutches made of leather or plastic — this accessory has a myriad of versions, and everyone can find what they like.

A significant plus of such a clutch is its spaciousness. Such an accessory will fit not only a purse and a cosmetic bag, but also a hat with mittens — in case the air temperature drops noticeably. However, despite its size, a large clutch for lack of a shoulder strap is still not very comfortable in daily wear.

This option is better suited for a business meeting, going out with friends or on a date. After all, you must admit that it is not at all easy to go for a walk in the park or go shopping with not free hands. Therefore, if you want your clutch to be not only fashionable, but also versatile, choose more compact models. As a rule, compact clutches come with a detachable shoulder strap.

Clutch or micro bag.  How to choose and why?

Such an addition will perfectly adapt the clutch to most of your looks — from a flowing feminine dress with Cossack boots to a versatile combination of sneakers and a black jacket.

Clutch or micro bag.  How to choose and why?

The detachable shoulder strap allows you to wear the clutch on a daily basis. And at other times, you can «walk» your favorite accessory to the theater, cinema, and even to a party. In a word, no matter what you choose — a clutch or a micro bag, be sure: you will not lose. The main thing is to build on your comfort and your taste preferences.


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