Guide: choose a rolltop backpack

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What is a rolltop?

Rolltop design this is a roll-up top of the backpack, fastened with fastex or Velcro. As a rule, they replace classic zippers or magnetic buttons.

Rolltop design allows you to change the volume of the backpack, because you yourself determine at what point the main compartment ends. Plus rolltop becomes an additional protection for accessories both from rain and from theft.

What are the advantages of rolltop?

  • Customizability

The volume of internal space can be adjusted to suit your needs. Moreover, when the backpack is already full, the rolltop creates additional capacity.

  • Design

Rolltop backpacks have a distinctive design thanks to the roll-up element.

They look at ease. And if the brand behind the rolltop backpack has done a good job on the accessory, then it will be not only versatile, but also functional and reliable.

  • Fast access

Another benefit you will get easy access to the main compartment. Two steps: unfasten the fastex (or Velcro) and unfold the rolltop.

  • Less unnecessary zippers

Rolltop backpacks are minimalistic and simple. Not only because the number of elements with zippers is kept to a minimum, but also because the element being rolled up looks neat and simple.

How to choose a backpack?

  • Why do you need a backpack at all? First you need to decide how and where you will use the backpack. If you need it for travel, then you need to pay attention to individual elements (materials, backrest, straps, etc.). And here is a backpack for everyday use it is, first of all, about the importance of style and functionality of the organization.

  • We have decided on the goal, now we move on to sizes. Volume matters when choosing a backpack. You need to make sure that the future accessory will hold absolutely everything that you plan to take with you and will not lose its neat shape. Suppose you visit the gym after work. Then you need to look for a backpack with voluminous space for sportswear and compartments for work supplies.

  • functional organization. This applies not only to the interior space. External pockets no less important elements of the functionality of the backpack. They usually contain frequently used accessories: phone, wallet, keys. Ideally, the backpack should have a side pocket for a water bottle or umbrella and a pair of external zippered compartments with different features (key strap, padded lining, etc.).

  • Webbing and backs. Yes, a backpack should definitely be stylish. But it also has to be comfortable. so you should pay attention to the back and straps. The straps should be exactly adjustable and «breathe». The back is more difficult, it can be hard or soft, embossed or flat. In this case, you just need to try on and evaluate how the backpack suits you.

  • Last thing material. Rolltop design protects from rain, but only from above. Therefore, it is worth considering that the entire backpack is waterproof. If you will use the backpack on a daily basis, then the fabric should be resistant to abrasion.

Why are we paying attention to this? Some backpacks from our range not only protect against rain, but also remain waterproof when immersed in water (for example, a backpack Code 10).

Wandrd Prvke Series

Wandrd backpacks are characterized by wide functionality and innovative design. They are versatile and suitable for photo travel, light travel or everyday use.

The basis of the interior space is a volumetric compartment with the possibility of its configuration in accordance with what you want to put into it. Partitions will help create a cellular structure in which each item will have its place. Compartment can be accessed via a quick access side pocket get the necessary item without removing the backpack from the shoulders.

Outside the backpack there are several functional pockets in which you can place frequently used items on the road.

Backpacks made of durable and water resistant tarpaulin and ballistic nylon they will reliably protect accessories from bad weather.

Ucon Acrobatics Hajo Backpack

Ucon Acrobatics Hajo Backpack minimalistic and versatile backpack. The accessory is practical when cycling or on the way to work. The rolltop design closes with Velcro and allows you to effectively fill the interior space.

Ucon Acrobatics Hajo Backpack is made of waterproof materials. The main compartment of the backpack holds all the most necessary accessories. The interior organizer includes a laptop compartment up to 15 inches, elasticated pockets, a bottle holder and a key strap.

At Ucon Acrobatics, they know how important practicality is in modern life. Therefore, everything is thought out in the backpack: a zippered pocket to the main compartment is easily accessible, the shoulder straps are padded and adjustable, and the back is comfortable for long-term wear.

Ortlieb Velocity PS 23L

Ortlieb Velocity PS 23L Compact backpack suitable for everyday use.

The ventilated foam back provides comfortable wearing. Ergonomically designed shoulder straps are soft, while the waist and chest straps keep the accessory from dangling in motion.

The rolltop design of the backpack closes with Velcro. The roll-up top allows you to configure the volume of the accessory’s main compartment.

The backpack is equipped with an internal zipper organizer and a padded sleeve for a laptop up to 15 inches.

The bottom of the backpack is resistant to abrasion and wear. The accessory itself is made of PU-coated nylon fabric and PVC fabric.

Code 10 Backpack

The same backpack that you can dip into the water and not worry about anything.

The Code 10 Backpack has a roll-up zipper. Thus, it will not be possible to open the main department, even if you left the backpack unattended.

The backpack is made of waterproof fabric with waterproof seams.

Pacsafe Dry Lite 30L

Pacsafe Dry Lite 30L A safe and water-resistant backpack that will prove to be useful both during travel and in everyday life.

The accessory is made of a special material that prevents water from getting inside. In addition, it is endowed with additional protection from a mesh lining and wire that protects against cuts.

The «security system» of the backpack does not end there. All backpack zippers are equipped with carabiners and locks that securely fasten the runners. In addition, the zipper itself is puncture resistant. this means that it cannot be opened.

The main compartment has a volume of 30 liters it is able to fit a lot of useful things that you will need on the road, travel or a simple walk, from a laptop to a thermos of water.

The backpack has an ergonomic back and wide comfortable shoulder straps, you will not feel any discomfort when wearing a heavy accessory for a long time.

Heimplanet Carry Essentials Commuter Pack

Heimplanet Carry Essentials Commuter Pack This is a compact yet roomy backpack that you can take both to the office and for a walk.

The main compartment is equipped with a roll top that closes with a steel G-hook. There is a zipper on the side for quick and easy access to the inner compartment.

The front of the backpack is equipped with a «floating» pocket. It can hold various essentials (phone, wallet, keys, etc.). Also, through the pocket, you can pass, for example, a jacket, using it as an impromptu hanger.

The shoulder straps of the backpack are made from 2-layer EVA foam for a snug fit and comfortable wear. The accessory is made of Cordura polyester. durable yet soft to the touch.


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