Guide: we select a sling bag

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A sling bag is not only stylish and minimalistic, but also comfortable. With such an accessory, it is convenient to organize all the necessary items and keep them at hand. A sling is the golden mean between a backpack and trouser pockets.

We have a wide range of sling bags. There is no best option among them — each bag is good and effective in its own way. In this article, we will tell you what to look for when choosing a sling bag, and we will make a small selection of accessories.

What is a sling bag?

This question is not as simple as it seems. A sling is a body bag that can be worn on the chest, back or waist. As a rule, such accessories have an oblong shape, and they are worn in a diagonal position.

Messenger and sling are similar in concept, but in reality they are different. A messenger is literally a postman’s bag, it’s bigger, bulkier and squarer than a sling. But the sling is not always small — some can also fit laptops.

Why do you need a sling?

A sling bag is optimal for those situations when all the accessories do not fit into the pockets of trousers and jackets, and the backpack with them is half empty, and, in fact, there is no need for it. Here is a clear example of what we usually carry with us on a daily basis.

A sling bag is really something between a backpack and pockets. This is an accessory that organizes a standard daily setup (and even a little more).

What to pay attention to?


Volume is a good, but not the most accurate guide to determine the size of the bag. We recommend looking for slings in the range of 1 to 8 liters — because a large sling is already moving into the «shoulder backpack» category. In addition, a heavy sling is uncomfortable to wear on the chest, and for the back it is unlikely to be a comfortable option.

Some sling bags expand, which is great for travel as they take up little space when not in use or when you have nothing to carry, but you can still fill them with plenty of things thanks to the expandability. This feature has Code of Bell X-POD — Sling Pack (S).

The form

The profile of a sling bag significantly affects its appearance and comfort level. Most slings have an oblong shape, which is best for wearing on the chest or back. There are bags that gravitate towards square shapes and sharp corners, for example, Heimplanet Transit Line Sling Pocket.

Waterproof material

Most likely, you will carry important things in your bag, such as a mobile phone, money, and a passport. If you don’t have special abilities that will allow you to avoid rain and snow, then the waterproof material of the bag will save your belongings from getting wet.

But let’s make a reservation — almost no fabric will save you from a heavy downpour, only if you do not have a Rains Bum Bag, made of polyurethane and polyester — materials similar in structure to a raincoat.

Functional organization

Ideally, the sling should include a large main space with several organizational pockets. The outer part should have one pocket for frequently used items. The benchmark for functional organization is the Bellroy Sling, consisting of a main compartment with a padded pocket for glasses or a phone and an external pocket with a key clip.

There are also specialized sling bags, the organization of which is aimed at placing a certain type of items, for example, photographic equipment. Peak Design Everyday Sling V2 6L is the best option for one mirrorless camera, one DSLR or drone. Among other things, the accessory holds the iPad Mini.


A sling bag, like any other accessory, should bring pleasure. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the belt and the back — these elements should facilitate movements, and not fetter them.

You also need to determine your daily EDC set and see if your bag can fit it. The accessory should not be packed to the top so that you do not have to dig in your pockets in search of headphones.

By the way, when traveling it is sometimes difficult to predict what we will carry with us. Therefore, it is worth considering a versatile option that does not take up much space in a suitcase when folded, but will always be useful when you need a small bag on an excursion. The Matador On-Grid Packable Hip Pack can be such a practical accessory.

And now a small selection of various sling bags.

Bellroy Sling Mini Bag

The Bellroy Sling Mini lets you ditch the big slings as it can hold everything you need for the day — wallet, headphones, keys, glasses, power bank and more. The accessory is roomy enough for all EDC items, but at the same time minimalistic for walking or traveling light.

The Bellroy Sling Mini has a main compartment with a padded goggle pocket and a key clip, and an additional compartment with two slip-on slots for small items.

The sling is made of water-resistant recycled fabric, while the strap is made of durable nylon, complemented by a magnetic closure for quick and easy fixing of the bag on the body.

Code of Bell X-POD — Sling Pack (S)

Code of Bell X-POD — Sling Pack (S) is a minimalistic accessory with a wide range of functions. The accessory includes two main compartments and several external pockets. All EDC accessories can be ergonomically placed in them.

The volume of the bag is configurable. It can be increased or decreased using compression straps (they can be removed if necessary). Thus, the size of the bag depends on how many items you need to take with you. Such a function deprives the accessory of empty cavities — Code of Bell X-POD — Sling Pack (S) is always productive.

The accessory is made of Cordura material.

Bag Cote&Ciel Isarau Small Obsidian

The original combination of materials includes innovative EcoYarn fabric on one side and nylon on the other.

Inside, the accessory has a black inner lining with two main compartments, a padded pocket with a magnetic pull closure, and a zip pocket. In addition, this bag features black zippers and straps with a matte black metallic finish.

Nomatic Navigator Sling 1L

The Navigator Sling 1L is a versatile companion that you can take with you wherever you go. Despite the fact that it may seem small, the sling has a well-thought-out internal organization and expandability.

The interior compartment has space for everything you need during the day. All items can be arranged «on the shelves» — pockets and compartments that complement this compartment.

Outside on the front side there is a pocket for quick access — for the phone and wallet.

The capacity of the bag can be tripled by opening the central zipper. In the extra space you can put a bottle of water.

The Nomatic Navigator Sling 1L is waterproof and durable. The zippers are also waterproof, and the sliders on them ensure the safety of accessories, since, when combined, they create locking mechanisms.

XD Design Urban Bumbag

The XD Design Urban Bumbag is a thief-proof Urban waist bag. Like its predecessors — Bobby Urban backpacks — it not only looks stylish, but also reliably protects your belongings from pickpockets.

Urban Bumbag not only gives a sense of security and convenience, but also serves as a stylish element of the image. Wear it as a waistband, crossbody or over the shoulder for a trendy and modern look.

Pacsafe Vibe 325 Sling anti-theft bag — 10L

The Pacsafe Vibe 325 — 10L anti-theft bag is an excellent solution for those who want their belongings to be reliably protected from petty theft. The bag is also reinforced with a built-in steel mesh that makes the Pacsafe Vibe 325 cut-resistant. Steel straps are sewn into the strap of the bag, which will not allow you to cut the bag off your shoulder.

The bag has one compartment with a zipper, which can fit all the necessary things: phone, wallet, keys, documents and more. Inside there is a compartment for a tablet. In addition, there are two side pockets for things that need quick access.


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