Hailey Bieber. Style icons and their bags Fashion historian Milana Abieva talks about one of the most influential women in modern world fashion especially for the online magazine «Shipyards». Read more

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Fashion historian Milana Abieva talks about one of the most influential women in modern world fashion especially for the online magazine «Shipyards».

For many decades, there was an opinion that fashion was dictated by designers. Which, in general, is quite fair. After all, the public was looking forward to every new show — new collections were actively discussed in the press, appeared on spreads of glossy magazines and in the dressing rooms of loyal clients of fashion houses. However, today designers are aware that with the development of social networks, bloggers, influencers and celebrities have a huge impact on fashion and trends.

Perhaps it is they who make people rave about certain accessories, buy them for cosmic sums and not go out of the way in the endless pursuit of fashion novelties. Style icons of the twenty-first century have gained an even greater influence on fashion than they did in the previous century.

The number of celebrity photos gives us a unique opportunity to develop the most necessary skill that is the key to good taste — seeing. Watching the trendsetters and icons of modern style, you can form a clear idea of ​​what accessories are in trend now and how best to style them.

Hailey Bieber.  Style icons and their bags

One of the most influential and discussed characters today can be called the wife of the world famous singer Justin Bieber — Hailey Bieber. Looking at Hailey, you can confidently say what accessories are in trend today and what to wear them with. Every time she goes out — whether on the red carpet or in the supermarket — she always looks relevant and stylish. And, of course, if you want to understand what handbags are in trend today, then the photo of this beautiful girl should definitely not be overlooked.

Hailey Bieber.  Style icons and their bags

Any competent stylist knows that you should never neglect the so-called «base». AndThis is where a stylish and functional wardrobe begins. And the images of Hailey are proof of that. A compact black handbag has not lost its relevance since the beginning of the twentieth century. And today, perhaps, every brand necessarily has at least one handbag made in black in its line of accessories.

Hailey Bieber.  Style icons and their bags

A black handbag with a removable long handle is the perfect solution to help you create completely different looks. This model goes well with soft knitted suits, as well as with a voluminous brutal leather jacket and even with a cocktail dress. So Hailey Bieber regularly complements her looks with a classic black handbag, and this technique has never let her down.

But, of course, it is worth watching celebrities not only and not even so much because of the «eternal classics». If you want to know if this or that model is still relevant, celebrity pictures will help you! Looking at Hailey’s looks, it’s safe to say that the fanny pack is still on the list of hot trends.

In addition to convenience and relevance, the belt bag has another significant bonus — regardless of texture and color, it can be safely called demi-season. A fanny pack goes well with an oversized sweater and down jacket, as well as with a silk suit and sneakers — as Haley did.

Hailey Bieber.  Style icons and their bags

Along with the fanny pack, miniature clutches are also in no hurry to leave our wardrobes. If earlier this accessory, and even in such a compact size, was still intended more for cocktail parties or going out to the theater or restaurant, today the clutch has become quite a universal everyday accessory.

Hailey Bieber.  Style icons and their bags

And all thanks to a removable long strap, which allows you to carry such a handbag not only in your hand, but also in the manner of a crossbody. A mini clutch goes well not only with flowing dresses, but also with knitted sets, oversized sweaters and loose-fitting coats. If you want to create a light, stylish and fresh look, then opt for light shades — as Hayley did.

And, of course, if we talk about the most fleeting and fleeting, and therefore the hottest trends, then who better than trendsetters to know how and which of them is better to wear. One of the most notable fashion trends this season has been bright, saturated colors.

Canary yellow, acid green, electric blue — all these colors have found their place in the collections of the most advanced designers. They, of course, make themselves felt in street-style chronicles. However, if you do not dare to dress in such bright clothes, then you can always opt for a handbag made in one of the most fashionable shades.

By the way, the trend is most welcome in anticipation of the cold season. Such juicy colors are guaranteed to cheer you up and will look advantageous not only against the background of white snow, but also against the background of the monochrome colors familiar to many. In a word, if you are looking for interesting solutions for your wardrobe, then you should definitely pay attention to the bright and memorable images of Hailey Bieber.


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