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Fashion historian Milana Abiyeva continues to talk about the legendary bags especially for the online magazine «Shipyards». Next up is the Fendi Baguette.

Perhaps it is difficult to find a woman whose heart does not stop at the mere word «handbag». Indeed, this accessory is one of the most sought after and desired among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Of course, this is also the merit of designers, who every season offer their customers more and more new models of handbags — a variety of shapes, colors and sizes never cease to amaze.

However, in all this diversity there are some models that have made women’s hearts stop for decades. These are bags-legends, bags-icons, which from year to year not only do not lose their relevance, but reaffirm their status as a cult accessory. These handbags include the Baguette model of the Fendi fashion house, which is popular today.

History of Baguette.  Legendary bags

Unlike its iconic «brothers» released by fashion houses Chanel and Hermès, this handbag is relatively young. Nevertheless, she has already managed to conquer the minds and hearts of more than one generation of fashionistas. Moreover, it was Bagutte that initiated the era of «it-bags» — an era that elevated the bag to a cult and made it a real object of desire.

Created in 1997 by designer Silvia Venturini-Fendi, the Baguette bag became so popular that in the first year of its existence, one hundred thousand copies were sold! You will not be mistaken if you assume that the name Baguette is somehow connected with the world-famous crispy French bread.

History of Baguette.  Legendary bags

The short handle of the handbag is positioned in such a way that the bag is tightly fixed with a pound by hand — this is how true French women often bring home a freshly baked fragrant baguette from the bakery. With the same bliss, fashionistas all over the world wore this trendy handbag at the beginning of the 2000s.

And if the first few years of its existence, Baguette was the star of social events and catwalks, then with the beginning of the new millennium, this handbag has also become a screen star, becoming famous all over the world. The baby from Fendi owes such unconditional fame to the cult series of the beginning of the century «Sex and the City».

History of Baguette.  Legendary bags

Women around the globe, breathlessly waiting for the release of new episodes in order to enjoy the stylish images of four Manhattan girlfriends, were absolutely fascinated by the robbery scene of the main character Carrie Bradshaw. And for good reason. Indeed, instead of panicking, Carrie conducts a “fashion educational program” for the robber, explaining that this is not just a handbag, but a Baguette!

It is not surprising that from that very moment the bag became so popular that for some time those who wanted to get it had to sign up on a waiting list. The newfangled handbag with enviable constancy adorned the shoulders of the most beautiful and stylish women — Naomi Campbell, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez. In the case of the singer, the handbag even became the subject of one of her most famous video clips.

The classic version of the bag has a recognizable magnetic clasp with the logo of the fashion house, consisting of two inverted first letters F, as well as a necessarily short handle, which, in fact, will allow you to carry the bag in the style of a French baguette. However, the popularity of the bag led the fashion house to present a wide variety of options with each collection. The handbag can be found both made of delicate calfskin, as well as iconic textiles covered with brand logos, as well as sheepskin fur, embroidered or sequined in different shades.

History of Baguette.  Legendary bags

With the sunset of the 2000s, the hysteria around the handbag gradually subsided, and later it completely disappeared from the “fashion radars”. However, a few years ago, the fashion house rethought the timeless classic, giving it a second wind. The bag has got a new wide shoulder strap, which allows you to carry it over your shoulder if necessary. A variety of model sizes have also appeared — both hypertrophied large and micro versions that can be worn both on their own and as an accessory that complements the larger version.

By the way, the fashion house has not forgotten about the popularity that Sarah Jessica Parker gave to the iconic handbag. In 2019, the actress starred in an advertising campaign that plays off a world-famous scene from the cult TV series. By the way, on the shoulder of the star is all that version of a handbag studded with purple sequins, which over the years has not lost its relevance at all. After all, it’s not for nothing that such bags have the status of legendary, isn’t it?


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