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Fashion historian Milana Abieva continues to talk about the most iconic bags in the history of the fashion industry especially for the online magazine «Verfi».

Fashion is cyclical, sometimes unpredictable and very fleeting. Nevertheless, there are some invariable values ​​in it that have not lost their relevance and popularity for several decades. It is about such values ​​that our column dedicated to legendary bags. Today I invite you to learn more about one of these bags, namely the Speedy by Louis Vuitton, whose history, as is usually the case, is associated with the name of a gorgeous woman. Namely, with the name of the actress Audrey Hepburn, whom I told you about recently.

Audrey’s style, which, alas, died almost 20 years ago, is still an object of imitation and admiration. Being a real style icon, the actress inspired not only women who imitated her, but also the most famous designers and couturiers. She was looked up to, she was copied, not only clothes were created especially for her, but also, of course, accessories. In fact, this is how the story of the Speedy handbag, one of the iconic handbags in history, began.

History of Speedy.  Legendary bags
Audrey Hepburn with two Louis Vuitton Speedy bags

Fashion house Louis Vuitton began its existence back in 1854 with the production of trunks, suitcases and travel bags. Already at the beginning of the twentieth century, Louis Vuitton was one of the most reliable manufacturers of the highest quality travel products. The wealthiest people chose their suitcases and bags to transport their expensive outfits.

Among the clients of the fashion house were aristocrats from different parts of the world, eminent couturiers, titled persons and even representatives of royal families. Naturally, representatives of creative professions did not lag behind — actors and actresses, the most beautiful voices of Europe and America — all opted for Louis Vuitton travel products.

One of the brand’s real bestsellers was the Keepall travel bag, which regularly appeared in celebrity photographs. It was this model that the world elite most often took on a plane, train or daddy car in anticipation of a long journey. The popularity of Keepall has led the brand to introduce a new version of this handbag, but more compact. Due to its functionality and compactness, it was called Speedy (“fast”).

The new model was much more capacious than a handbag, but at the same time a rather compact version of the more voluminous Keepall model. Speedy, available in two sizes — 30 and 50 centimeters — immediately fell in love with customers at home. Among them was our heroine actress Audrey Hepburn. However, her love for the handbag was so strong that in 1959 she asked Louis Vuitton to create an even more compact version of the Speedy, suitable not only for travel, but also for everyday wear.

History of Speedy.  Legendary bags
Audrey Hepburn and Louis Vuitton bag

Of course, the request of one of the most elegant women of the era was soon fulfilled, and baby Speedy was born in the size of 25 centimeters. In fact, it was she who became the first handbag from Louis Vuitton, after which more and more new models began to appear. Audrey herself adored her and perfectly combined both with a trench coat and a silk scarf tied around her head, and with an elegant fitted coat.

History of Speedy.  Legendary bags
Paris Hilton wearing a limited edition Speedy handbag
History of Speedy.  Legendary bags
Jessica Simpson with a classic Speedy bag

However, Speedy gained real popularity with the advent of the era of it-bags, namely in the nineties and zero. In addition to the classic versions made of canvas with Monogram and Damier patterns, there are also more expensive versions made of genuine leather.

History of Speedy.  Legendary bags
An updated version of the Speedy Bandouliere with a detachable shoulder strap.

And that’s not even talking about seasonal options from denim, metallic leather and plastic in a wide variety of shades! Despite the fact that the line of handbags from Louis Vuitton has become almost immense and is constantly supplemented with both new designs and fresh interpretations of the classics, the Speedy handbag continues to stand out. It does not lose its relevance and still perfectly complements everyday looks: both youthful and more solid.


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