How to choose a classic briefcase made of genuine leather

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From this article you will learn:

  • What are the advantages of a classic portfolio
  • What can be a classic portfolio
  • What to look for when choosing it
  • What classic briefcases are in fashion now

A classic briefcase is a traditional accessory for a business person who constantly works with documents and is forced to carry papers with him. Nowadays, the briefcase has been greatly replaced by the bag — less formal and more practical, soft and cheap accessory (usually also affordable). However, bags, except for individual models, will never look as solid and representative as a briefcase. As for convenience, many modern briefcases are not inferior to bags, and folders and individual documents are stored much better in them.

Benefits of a classic portfolio

The popularity of classic leather briefcases for men is beyond doubt. This accessory is willingly worn by wealthy bankers, and politicians, and ordinary managers, and ordinary students. A leather briefcase in a classic style is a must-have for businessmen and business people.

Classic briefcase made of genuine leather

The demand for these products is justified. Classic briefcases made of quality leather have many obvious advantages, namely:

  1. Spaciousness. As a rule, such an accessory is equipped with many compartments, including small pockets for storing valuables.
  2. Multifunctionality. The purpose of portfolios has long been not limited to the transportation of securities. For example, some stylish briefcases from modern designers are designed to carry laptops.
  3. Convenience. Any briefcase is, first of all, a capacious bag that frees pockets and securely stores all the necessary things.
  4. Sophistication. A classic briefcase made of genuine leather is an expensive and solid accessory that gives its owner respectability, seriousness and status (especially if it is a branded briefcase). Briefcases are in perfect harmony with strict office suits.

What can be a classic portfolio

For all their traditional character, classic briefcases differ in design. The most common option is a rigid briefcase with a structured, well-shaped body, which has a valve-lid that closes with a lock. There are also more modern models in which there are no covers, and the lock is replaced by a convenient zipper. They are practical to use, but less formal and solid in terms of appearance.

Classic briefcase made of genuine leather

Modern practical models are indispensable in everyday wear, but if you have a business meeting or an interview with people of conservative views, it is better to choose a solid classic model with a lock: this will help to make a favorable impression. Although the main thing in choosing a portfolio is, of course, personal preferences and taste. You will have to actively use this accessory every day, so get what you feel comfortable with.

Inexpensive briefcases are made from leatherette and nylon. These materials cannot boast of wear resistance, they look cheap and rustic, not going to any comparison with genuine leather. The longer such a portfolio is used, the worse it looks. There are exceptions to this rule (leather substitutes, such as eco-leather, for example, are of sufficient quality). But when buying, it is almost impossible to assess the quality of artificial material “by eye”, it is easy to make a mistake. Therefore, if you want to purchase a reliable and high-quality product that will not let you down, choose classic briefcases made of genuine leather. In any case, buying an expensive classic briefcase is a good investment: such a thing will please you for many years, unlike cheap leatherette accessories, which will have to be changed much more often. Miser pays twice.

Classic men’s briefcases are made, as a rule, from cow and bull leather — thick, hard and wear-resistant materials. More elite and expensive models are also made from calfskin — soft and elegant.

Classic briefcase made of genuine leather

According to the method of tanning, natural leathers are divided into vegetable (vegetable tanned leather) and chrome tanned leathers. The materials of the first group age quite quickly, but at the same time they look very noble and stylish, without losing strength, becoming covered with patina, acquiring scuffs and revealing their character. Manufacturers usually list the type of tanning on the briefcase label, so if you like old leather accessories, look for the “vegetable tanned” mark. By default, without such a mark, the skin is chrome and has slightly different properties.

For such an accessory as a classic briefcase, there are no standard sizes. Along with large portfolios, smaller ones are issued, and all of them find their buyer. When choosing a classic briefcase, make sure that it freely accommodates all the contents — first of all, documents and folders, and if you plan to put a laptop in it, then there should be enough space for the laptop.

The greatest demand is for classic briefcases in traditional colors that correspond to the business dress code: in black and brown. If you intend to purchase one briefcase for all occasions, then consider models in black (black) or dark brown (dark brown) colors: they are stylistically neutral and will fit into any style of clothing, including the most formal. Other classic briefcase colors include chestnut, burgundy and tan, which are more interesting and original but not as versatile.

In addition to these classic natural colors and navy blue, briefcases can be dyed in bright and sophisticated hues such as dark garnet, various variations of burgundy and red, cream, blue. On sale you can even see silver briefcases in a classic silhouette. Such bold options are more likely to fit into a women’s wardrobe than a man’s.

What to look for when choosing a classic portfolio

Classic briefcase made of genuine leather

  • Portfolio base width. Sustainability.

The bottom of the briefcase should have sufficient width and rigidity so that it can stand on a horizontal surface — on the floor, chair, shelf, etc. This significantly increases the usability of the briefcase: it can be placed in the office, transport and other places without worry about how it will topple over. The ability to maintain an upright position is one of the main factors that ensure the practicality of this accessory.

When it comes to bags (including briefcases, especially classic ones), wallets and other similar leather accessories, hand stitching is preferable to machine stitching. If the thread that forms a machine seam stitch breaks, the entire seam will begin to unravel. The hand seam will keep integrity.

Obviously, a bag or briefcase that is light on its own is nicer and easier to carry. When choosing from several cute models that have more or less the same characteristics, give preference to the one that is lighter in weight. The weight of the portfolio is an important factor that you should immediately pay attention to. Due to materials and fittings, some products have a significant mass, even when empty.

The greatest load falls on the places where the handle is attached to the classic briefcase and on its lock. Therefore, these parts of the product break and tear in the first place and require repair more often. When buying a portfolio, make sure they are reliable.

The simpler and more secure the lock, the better. Usually, steel locks are installed on classic briefcases made of genuine leather, less often brass locks (for more expensive products). The latter look more interesting and elegant (although, by and large, this is a matter of taste).

  • Handle attachments.

The most budget briefcases do not have any special fasteners between the case and the handle — it is simply glued on with glue. Sometimes in the place of gluing you can see simple steel rivets. This is a cheap and simple solution, but unreliable. If even one rivet is lost, the handle will inevitably begin to come off, and repairing such an attachment is difficult (not all workshops provide such a service) and will cost a lot.

The handles of more expensive and high-quality classic briefcases are not only glued to the body, but also sewn to it with thick threads (an alternative is glue combined with metal screws). Such a mount is already more durable. The best option is steel mortise mounts: in such briefcases you can carry really weighty items like a large laptop, a large pile of papers, etc. The reliability of the handles directly depends on the size and power of the mounts.

  • Metal legs.

Large and expensive models sometimes have small iron feet on the bottom. They prevent the bottom of the briefcase from coming into direct contact with the surface (asphalt, floor, earth, etc.), keeping it relatively clean and preventing wear. This is a useful and practical device, although not an urgent need: if you like the briefcase in general, you can do without the legs.

By the way, the places where the legs are attached to the base of the briefcase can also become a source of problems. The legs must be attached firmly enough so as not to fall off in the first months of operation.

  • Shoulder strap.

A significant part of classic and modern, more fashionable briefcases are equipped with a shoulder strap, and the presence of a strap does not make the product more expensive. This is certainly a useful accessory, especially for soft leather products with rounded corners (it is not so pleasant to carry more rigid, angular and heavy briefcases on the shoulder). If the belt is not needed, it can always be removed.

  • Internal equipment.

Classic briefcase made of genuine leather

Pockets and compartments in modern briefcases are numerous and perform different functions. The portfolio contains:

  • Attachments for writing implements — narrow pockets or rubber bands for pencils and pens. When buying, make sure that your pens will fit there.
  • Pocket for a gadget — a mobile phone or smartphone. Mobile devices vary greatly in size, and it’s best to try on whether the pocket of your briefcase fits your phone and whether it’s too tight or too wide.
  • Tablet pocket. Usually corresponds to the size of the iPad.
  • Compartment for a laptop. As a rule, small 13” laptops are placed there, sometimes 14” or 15”.
  • Small pockets for storing discount, credit and other plastic cards.
  • Umbrella case.
  • A small compartment for small items like a passport, etc., usually under a zipper.
  • Even more miniature pockets for very small things — flash drives, etc.
  • Pocket or special fastening for a bunch of keys.

When buying a classic briefcase, check the following:

  1. The quality of the material and the absence of defects on it in the form of scuffs, scratches, stains, etc.
  2. Reliability and convenience of the lock. They will have to be used constantly, so it should close and open easily and simply.
  3. Handle attachments.
  4. The performance of all fasteners (especially zippers).

A selection of the most stylish classic briefcases

Classic briefcase made of genuine leatherClassic briefcase made of genuine leatherClassic briefcase made of genuine leather

This model is one of the most popular among the representatives of the stronger sex. The briefcase is made of soft flexible leather, has a large number of pockets and compartments (there are also hidden ones). The front flap has an effective and original design, it is fastened with additional magnetic buttons located in the corners. The main sections are spacious and comfortable. They are separated from each other by a zippered pocket in which documents are placed. The pocket located on the reverse side of the product pleasantly surprises with its spaciousness. With a minimalist yet elegant finish, this classic briefcase is a pleasure not only to hold but also to look at.

This model is available in both black and brown. (classic briefcase BRIALDI Monopoli (Monopoli) brown).

Classic briefcase made of genuine leather Classic briefcase made of genuine leather

An elegant men’s briefcase made of genuine leather with classic outlines for those who strive to demonstrate confidence and efficiency with their appearance and do not pursue fashion, preferring a proven design and quality materials. Outside, the product looks compact and neat, which does not prevent each of its compartments from being quite roomy. The leather from which the briefcase is made looks very advantageous, and it is surprisingly pleasant to touch it. Embellished with impeccably executed vertical lines that draw attention. Designed for long term use.

Classic briefcase made of genuine leather

Classic briefcase made of genuine leatherClassic briefcase made of genuine leather

It is a reliable, strong and solid accessory with a wide-opening valve. Holds a lot of papers and folders. The briefcase is made in a classic style and looks expensive. It has a convenient and well-thought-out internal structure, which includes many compartments and pockets in which you can place documents and folders in separate bundles, in the required order. The genuine leather from which the product is made is aesthetically flawless and pleasant to the touch. The main handle and detachable shoulder strap attach securely to the briefcase, so you don’t have to worry about loading it with a pile of papers. Designed for long wear. This is an ageless classic, not subject to capricious fashion trends.

Classic briefcase made of genuine leather

Also available in brown — classic briefcase BRIALDI Vasto (Vasto) brown.

Where to buy a classic briefcase made of genuine leather

Top quality BRIALDI — the result of many successive operations, the first of which is the selection of material. Only 10% of the leather produced worldwide meets our requirements, and not all of it is honored to become the basis for our products. Only the highest quality raw materials, carefully selected by our specialists, are worthy of turning into a BRIALDI bag. But first, the skin is cut, doubled, leveled, glued, sanded, sanded and re-sanded and dyed.

Our policy towards employees is also aimed at creating bags of the highest quality. They are not limited in time and are not required to issue a certain number of products per week. We do not strive to do as much as possible — we want each bag to be the result of thoughtful and painstaking work, with special attention to detail, without which a premium product is unthinkable.

Each BRIALDI product is a true handmade masterpiece, because we select our employees as carefully as we select the leather for our bags. All of them are true masters of their craft, for whom an excellent result of work is the only possible result of painstaking creation, and the pursuit of excellence is a constant motivator.

And further:

  • Free shipping. We will deliver your order to any region of Russia for free
  • designer models. Our own model range and small volume of production makes our product unique and emphasizes the sophistication of the taste of our customers.
  • Stylish business solution. BRIALDI leather bags will perfectly complement your business look.
  • 365 days warranty. We are confident in the quality of our products and that is why we provide a full year warranty.
  • Responsibility to buyers. If you prove that the leather is not natural, we will refund the cost of the product in double the amount. In this case, the purchase will remain with you.
  • Each masterpiece has its own author. Only one master works on each bag, working according to traditional Italian technologies.
  • 8 hours = 480 minutes = 28,800 seconds. The average time it takes a BRIALDI craftsman to create one leather masterpiece.
  • Only natural materials. All products are made of high quality leather of elite varieties: Antique, Floater, GreatNappa, Venezia.
  • Attention to detail. Masters of the private leather manufactory BRIALDI set themselves the task of creating a perfect leather product. That is why great attention is paid to details.

Classic briefcases made of genuine leather in our catalog


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