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Fashion historian Milana Abieva spoke about the flexibility of fashion, the versatility of bags and the way they are selected especially for the online magazine «Shipyards».

What woman does not know the agony of choosing between «beautiful» and «comfortable»? Perhaps each of us at least once in the next shopping impulse I bought a beautiful, but absolutely useless thing. Uncomfortable, but such beautiful shoes, too light, but charming coat, too small, but such a nice handbag … By the way, the latter is found all the time. After all, as you know, women have a special weakness for handbags.

But what could be worse, albeit a beautiful, but too small and disorganized bag, in which it is impossible to find absolutely nothing? Is that the situation when you find yourself at a business meeting, you have to spend hours looking for a lost flash drive or pen. Therefore, when choosing a bag that suits you and your lifestyle, it is important to remember one rule: fashionable does not mean uncomfortable at all.

How to choose between a business bag and a regular bag

Today, fashion is so flexible and diverse that to create a stylish look it is not at all necessary to have certain things in the wardrobe, but it is extremely important to combine them correctly. If you feel that you need a functional, well-organized bag, but at the same time do not want to neglect elegance and femininity, then it’s time to think about how to «enrich» your wardrobe with a beautiful business bag that you can happily carry not only at work. time.

How to choose between a business bag and a regular bag

There is no need to try to cram all the contents of the desktop, cosmetics and other attributes into a miniature clutch if you can fit everything into a stylish business bag, saving yourself the lengthy search for a pen or notepad.

How to choose between a business bag and a regular bag

How to carry such a bag? It is worth following a few rules that will make your image fresh and relevant. When complementing your outfit with a business bag, make sure it’s not too formal or boring. If you have to participate in a large-scale conference or attend an important business meeting, then you can certainly give preference to a classic pantsuit.

However, do not neglect such important points as fabric and color. Opt for a flowy suit in pearl or burgundy, complement it with a delicate silk top and a sophisticated neckerchief. A minimalistic business bag made of leather will emphasize the femininity and elegance of such an outfit in a very complimentary way.

For less solemn and eventful working days, opt for smart-casual style. Here you can let your imagination run wild and bring dozens of different combinations to life. A business suit with tight cropped trousers, complemented by graceful pumps. Or an oversized jacket worn over a thin wool turtleneck, complemented by massive brogues. And even a silk slip dress complemented by a voluminous turtleneck sweater in neutral shades. Any of these looks will look great with a business bag.

As for the weekend look, a small bag will perfectly complement such basic autumn combinations as a trench or oversized coat. Don’t forget to balance these looks with athletic shoes — white sneakers or sneakers are the perfect complement to these looks. The combination of cropped jeans, brutal military-style boots and the most delicate oversized cashmere sweater will also look great with a business bag.

In a word, using some elementary rules for combining things within your wardrobe, you can use a business bag not only for its intended purpose, but also perfectly adapt it for wearing in your free time.

How to choose between a business bag and a regular bag

For those who still want to «kill two birds with one stone», there are excellent transforming bags or bags with liners. Thus, when going to the office with a business bag, you can safely take out the clutch-liner and, thus, go away for lunch, take everything you need with you. And on weekends or during going to the movies or cafes, such a clutch, complemented by a shoulder strap, will completely become an independent and very relevant everyday handbag.

How to choose between a business bag and a regular bag

Most importantly — do not forget that the person who feels organic in one way or another and is not burdened with inconvenience looks fashionable and stylish. Therefore, when choosing another handbag, the main question to ask yourself is — do I need a business bag or is a regular tote bag or a compact handbag sufficient? After all, any of these models can be worn stylishly.


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