How to increase self-confidence: tricks and tips

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From this article you will learn:

  • Why is it important to be confident
  • What are the main causes of self-doubt
  • How can a woman improve her self-esteem?
  • How to boost a man’s confidence
  • What is the role of clothing and accessories in this

Perhaps each of us once faced with the problem of self-doubt. Confidence is one of the most important characteristics of a person’s sense of self, since it largely determines how his life will turn out. Experience shows that only truly self-confident people can achieve serious success both in their careers and in personal affairs. A confident person can become a leader, he inspires respect and a desire to follow him. If he himself sees only shortcomings in himself, then from those around him he receives only ridicule. Self-confidence is a quality of a strong personality, and insecurity is a sign of weakness. And in any situation, it is to a strong person that others will be drawn. Therefore, the question that we will talk about today is so important: how to increase self-confidence?

On the importance of self-confidence

So what do we mean by self-confidence? To be a confident person means, by and large, to understand and love yourself, to believe in your own success. Seeing yourself as an extraordinary, talented person, capable of achieving your goals, should be present in any situation. No problems and difficulties that you encounter along the way should make you doubt your abilities. True confidence is unshakable, and a person is able to go through any setbacks and eventually get what he wanted. If, once having stumbled, you will immediately be disappointed in yourself, you can forget about high results.

How to increase self-confidence

For this quality to work for you, confidence must be raised to such an extent that for yourself you are the center of the universe — no more, no less. For a truly self-confident person, he always comes first, his desires and needs. He considers the value of the fact that he was born into the world and has the opportunity to live this life, with all its sorrows and joys. That is why failures do not break confident people, but only encourage them to try even harder.

How to increase self-confidence

It will not work to increase self-confidence if your self-esteem is one hundred percent dependent on the circumstances: when everything goes well — you are happy, but only something does not go according to plan — you begin to reproach yourself. True self-confidence is an integral character trait that allows you to accept failure and make new attempts. And here the aspect of understanding yourself is very important: if you know your strengths and weaknesses, it will be much easier to build the right strategy on the way to a particular goal.

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Look at life as a movie in which you and only you are the main character. Look at life, with all its «surprises», as a holiday made for you. First, believe in yourself, and then others will believe in you.

How to increase self-confidence

Top 5 reasons for self-doubt

Reason 1. Wrong upbringing in the family.

All the key qualities of a person, including attitude towards oneself, are formed in childhood. It can be said that the love and encouragement of parents is the «soil» on which self-confidence grows. If the parents were very demanding and never praised the child, he grows up indecisive and modest.

Some children constantly hear from their parents “you are doing everything wrong”, “you will not succeed” and even “you are mediocrity”. With such an attitude of the closest people, it would even be strange if, with age, a person could easily increase self-confidence and stop being afraid of mistakes.

How to increase self-confidence

In the first years of life, the family for a child is almost his entire world. It is not surprising that the child’s psyche changes rapidly under the influence of the attitudes that parents give.

As a rule, self-esteem is higher for those who grew up as an only child in the family. If there are several children, they are often compared with each other. The child who loses in this «competition» usually grows up insecure.

Self-esteem is best formed in a family where the mother is calm, kind and always supports the children, and the father is strict and demanding, but fair.

How to increase self-confidence

Reason 2. Frequent failures in childhood.

Failures happen in everyone’s life, but in childhood, some events can seriously change a person’s attitude towards themselves. For example, a divorce of parents can become a real psychological trauma for a child. Blaming himself for this, he grows up notorious and insecure.

The need to raise a child’s self-esteem can also cause a minor event that an adult would endure calmly. For example, it can be a tragedy for a young athlete if he does not win a competition for which he has been preparing for a very long time. He still does not understand that this happens often in sports, and parents may simply not attach much importance to the situation.

If at preschool and school age a child hears negativity from his parents, for some reason he is teased by his peers or he does not achieve the desired success in some business, all this leads to the formation of stereotypes: “I am not like everyone else”, “I unlucky», «I’m mediocre» and so on.

How to increase self-confidence

Reason 3. Lack of clear goals in life.

When a person has a goal, he must constantly work, improve himself and move forward. Life without a goal looks different: you can just do the same thing as others, do not try to prove yourself, do not strain. Anyone who does not want to become rich/famous/recognized and so on is essentially passive.

The concept of low self-esteem is also strongly associated with passivity. Living in a constant «groundhog day», drowning in endless household duties, a person stops thinking about his creative potential. This «swamp» can drag even a bright personality so much that she stops caring about her appearance, finances, career, and so on. Naturally, in such a situation, it is quite difficult to increase self-confidence.

How to increase self-confidence

In fact, the question of how to increase self-confidence is equally relevant for children and adults. Most often, uncertainty is laid in childhood, but it accompanies a person in adulthood, if he himself does not try to change something.

Reason 4. Unhealthy social environment.

The thoughts of each individual are influenced by society. And if in a person’s environment most of the people live in a certain way, then he unconsciously adopts this model of behavior.

So, having a role model can be an impulse that will allow you to increase your self-esteem. If your environment consists entirely of inert, dreaming people, it is unlikely that you will sharply wake up the desire to change something.

How to increase self-confidence

How to increase self-confidence? It is worth evaluating your surroundings: is it pulling you to the bottom? If the acquaintances with whom you often spend time are accustomed to constantly complaining about life, instead of striving for the best, such a circle of friends will in no way contribute to your own realization.

Try to limit communication with those people who see only the negative in life.

Conversely, try to connect with people who have clear goals and are successful.

Reason 5. Defects in appearance and health.

A child who looks “not like everyone else” automatically becomes an object of ridicule. If parents usually support sick children, then peers point the finger, call them names, refuse to communicate with them.

Being overweight, glasses, crooked teeth or braces can all be reasons why a group ignores or aggressively pushes a child out. After such a negative impact, it can be extremely difficult to increase self-esteem.

It is very important how parents behave in such a situation. They should help the child eliminate existing shortcomings as much as possible, as well as develop his virtues, which will help increase self-confidence.

Psychological recommendations on how to increase self-esteem and self-confidence in a woman

When a woman has low self-esteem, she is insecure, reacts badly to criticism, and even perceives compliments as a cruel joke. Often this is due to the fact that a woman is used to seeing herself in a secondary role and is not sure if she can build her own future.

How to increase self-confidence

There are some tips on how to increase self-esteem and self-confidence for a girl. If you want to become more self-sufficient, courageous and independent, study them and try them out.

  • Minimize or stop communicating with people around whom self-esteem decreases.

A person who is not of great value to himself, usually becomes an outcast in a team. He is not perceived as a colleague, friend, competitor, his interests are not considered. This usually happens because a person reacts painfully to criticism, considers himself to be guilty of everything, and does not defend his opinion.

How to increase self-confidence

In other words, if you allow others to treat you disrespectfully, do not seek to protect your dignity, someone will definitely take advantage of this.

If at some point you finally decided to change this situation, you need to show your character. Naturally, there is no need to shout and throw tantrums: in this way one can hardly achieve respect.

However, if a person has already formed a certain opinion about you, it can be very difficult to change it. Often the only option to «start a new life» is a complete change of circle of friends. Try to develop relationships only with people who see you as a person and do not try to increase self-esteem at your expense.

How to increase self-confidence

  • Love yourself.

Now the motto “Love yourself!” is gaining immense popularity. But you need to understand that self-love is not endless selfishness and neglect of others. Self-love implies that you should not constantly think about your shortcomings, problems and mistakes.

An interesting method to increase self-confidence is offered by the American psychologist Louise Hay. When you get up in the morning, every time you need to go to the mirror and say to yourself: “I love you. What can I do for you today to make you joyful and happy? At first, this may seem silly, but over time, the “ritual” will be perceived more easily.

According to the same Louise Hay, it is not the problem that needs to be corrected, but first of all, one’s attitude towards it.

How to increase self-confidence

  • We set ourselves positive attitudes.

You can fix a positive attitude in the mind either verbally or visually. This is often done through affirmations, short phrases that we repeat to program ourselves to increase our confidence.

Many people complain that they use this or that technique of positive attitudes for a long time, but nothing changes in their life. It is important to note here that affirmations and visualizations are not magic spells that will transform both you and the surrounding reality. There is no need to wait for you to say this or that phrase to yourself for several days, and suddenly your desire will become a reality. Positive programming techniques are only meant to help us keep our goals in mind and stay focused, but real change requires real action.

How to increase self-confidence

Close your eyes, imagine a beautiful place where you would like to visit. Try to smell, hear the sounds of this place. Then picture in your imagination a wise person who gives you advice: “My dear, you are the one and only, there is no other like it on Earth! You have your own opinion, your own dreams and goals, and that’s great. Yes, not always everything works out the first time, but after all, all people make mistakes. Do not give up, strive forward and do not lose confidence in yourself! You are who you are, and this is your main advantage.

Then let the image go, take a deep breath and return to reality.

How to increase self-confidence

  • We do not save on ourselves.

Remarque wrote: “A woman who saves on herself arouses in a man the only desire is to save on her.”

To increase a woman’s self-confidence, you need to constantly show her that she is really loved and admired by her. That is why many men do not behave in such a way that the wife does not begin to value herself and demand too much.

How to increase self-confidence

Therefore, it is so important for ladies to periodically visit a beauty salon, go to the pool or for a massage. First of all, it is good for health, well-being and appearance. But also such a pastime can significantly increase women’s self-esteem.

Psychological tricks to increase a man’s self-confidence

one. There are a number of psychological techniques on how to increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

Hurry is worth it only in rare cases, when the matter really brooks no delay. The rest of the time, it is better to take a balanced approach to all decisions, not to panic. It is important to give yourself a little rest every day to put your thoughts in order.

How to increase self-confidence

  • Be organized.

Planning will help increase self-esteem and self-confidence in a man. Daily planning is about daily tasks, appointments, and travel, while long-term planning is about setting goals and achieving them.

Although not always everything happens the way it is written in the diary. Sometimes plans have to change, and you need to be prepared for this too. But still, when planning this or that business, it is advisable to foresee possible scenarios for the development of events and consider your behavior. In this way, the effect of surprise can be minimized.

How to increase self-confidence

  • Set yourself achievable goals.

To increase self-confidence, it is important for a person to see that he achieves the goals that he has set. Any success makes us more valuable in the eyes of others, as well as in our own feelings. But this is only possible if the goals you are striving for are inherently achievable. They can be as simple as preparing a new dish, or more ambitious (successfully complete a project). It is important to reward yourself for each victory, thereby “feeding” self-esteem.

2. How to develop a male core.

What qualities are we talking about when we say «male core»?

First of all, this is the ability to correctly prioritize: to understand what goal you are striving for, what is really important for you, and what is secondary. From this understanding, the ability to act consistently and not depend on the opinions of others is formed.

How to increase self-confidence

How to achieve this:

  1. Determine what is your main goal in life, in accordance with which all activities are built. So you will know exactly the direction in which you want to move, become more organized and motivated.
  2. Put self-development at the forefront. Remember that the best investment is an investment in yourself. Find ways to develop certain qualities and skills and do it constantly. Do not bypass books that increase self-confidence.
  3. Constantly accumulate both theoretical and practical knowledge: they will help you move forward.
  4. Do not be afraid to act, and regard failures as a life experience that will allow you to achieve the desired heights in the future.
  5. To increase self-confidence, it is necessary to discard all childhood grievances, overcome the complexes formed in the family, and take full responsibility for your life. Together, this will allow you to take a big step forward, turn from a boy into a man.

How to increase self-confidence

3. How to deal with low self-esteem if the environment humiliates you.

The most reasonable way out of this situation is to change the environment. Sometimes the situation can be changed in your favor, but, as a rule, people adhere to the usual style of communication no matter what. Therefore, if someone deliberately humiliates you, refusing to communicate with this person will help increase self-esteem.

How to increase self-confidence

When you change your social circle, you can meet a lot of interesting people by attending various courses or trainings. But if in the new team you also become the object of ridicule, this pattern cannot be ignored. Perhaps something in your behavior makes others understand that you are not able to respond to the negative in your address. Sessions with a professional psychologist will help to deal with this and increase self-confidence.

10 secrets to boost your self-confidence with clothes and accessories

Dress strictly

Stylish clothing, of course, is not the key to success, but it is definitely one of the ways to feel more confident. After all, no one else pays more attention to your appearance than yourself.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your wardrobe. In order not to greatly increase costs, try to buy better quality items, but in smaller quantities. So you can look presentable and at the same time not go broke, because one expensive suit will last longer than two cheap ones. Let your closet have only a few basic things, but beautiful and perfectly combined with each other.

How to increase self-confidence

Boost Your Confidence with Red

Problems with self-esteem hinder the development of a person in all directions, so you need to deal with them as quickly as possible. There are many ways to increase self-confidence, from traditional to very extravagant.

In particular, you can change your sense of self with the help of the color of the clothes that you wear every day.

Psychologically, the color of confidence is red.

How to increase self-confidence

Experts identify this color with such character traits as strength, leadership, dominance.

Numerous studies confirm that wearing red can change a person’s mood and make them more confident. And this is definitely worth using if you need to increase self-esteem.

It is clear that in the fight against their own complexes, only a red handbag will not be enough. But if you’re looking to do your best to boost your confidence, this psychological trick can be one of the additional methods.

Can the use of certain colors in clothing really change a person’s sense of self? We can answer unequivocally that yes, since psychologists have long established that certain colors affect our psyche. And the red color we are talking about is recognized as the color of strength and power.

How to increase self-confidence

So, how to increase self-confidence with the help of red?

  • If you have an unpleasant conversation, wear something red.

Red clothing will help you be more confident in a dispute and defend your point of view. It is not necessary to dress in red from head to toe, one noticeable element will be enough (scarf, bag, shoes, and so on).

Of course, here you can see a contradiction: if a person is not confident in himself, it is unlikely that it will be easy for him to put on a thing of such a flashy color. But if you are serious — try using at least a small red accessory, and you will see the result.

What is this recommendation based on? In a sense, this is a manipulative technique: when something red comes across people’s eyes, they experience fear and anxiety. Accordingly, you will have a psychological advantage over your opponent. Therefore, according to statistics, wrestlers in red uniforms win fights more often.

This original method of neutralizing the enemy can indeed be used in sports competitions, but also in business, choosing an outfit for work or a business meeting.

It is only important that an overly catchy thing is not a distraction for you, otherwise the effect may be opposite.

The red color in clothes adorns both women and men. For example, a red shirt can increase a man’s self-confidence, as well as make him more attractive and status in the eyes of others.

However, the red shirt is not the only option. Sometimes a tie or cufflinks is enough. Small details can already have a certain impact on the image as a whole.

How to increase self-confidence

  • Buy yourself red accessories.

Elegant red accessories will help to increase self-confidence. The color will affect you subconsciously, and the joy of a successful purchase will be an additional plus.

What items of red color will be especially relevant in various images? You can purchase depending on your desire:

How to increase self-confidence

Genuine leather men's wallet

  • case for phone;
  • passport covers;
  • scarf;
  • cufflinks;
  • wrist watch;
  • gloves;
  • earrings, bracelets and so on.

In fact, the choice is not limited by anything: the main thing is that thanks to this thing you feel more attractive. If you are going to buy an accessory or jewelry, ask yourself if this item is necessary for you and if it improves your mood. In order not to buy anything unnecessary, choose only things that meet these criteria.

Such color therapy will help to gradually increase your self-esteem and feel more relaxed and attractive.

How to increase self-confidence

Refresh your wardrobe to boost your confidence

First, get rid of those things that you will definitely never wear again: what has already worn out, does not fit you, or is completely out of fashion.

Instead, invest in a pair of chic lingerie sets, comfy heels, a business dress, and a matching purse—something that will boost your confidence.

How to choose a men's bag

For men, the issue of appearance is no less important, so they should also periodically audit their wardrobe. Discard items that obviously do not decorate you, and think about purchasing some stylish accessories.

Get Image Therapy

Image, that is, the purposeful formation of a certain image, is especially important for public people. Often the stars have image makers — stylists who in each case select the right hairstyle, clothes, accessories and other details of appearance that can increase self-confidence.

The image, first of all, must correspond to the natural data of a person: the features of his figure, facial features, skin color and much more are taken into account. In accordance with this, an «archetype» is chosen, for example, «hero», «martyr», «mother», «wizard» and so on. In the future, all clothing, jewelry and any details are selected based on this archetype. In addition to appearance, the image maker also works on facial expressions and gestures of his client.

How to increase self-confidence

In addition, the duties of this specialist include the creation of a certain story. He must competently arrange the facts from the biography of his «character» so that when meeting him, the right impression is created.

Although everyone has their own image, but most often a person works on it himself, without resorting to the help of an image maker. Moreover, in a family, in a company of friends or in a work team, each of us presents ourselves differently, so several varieties of image are formed at once.

Every time you get into a new company, you attract the attention of others. They don’t know you yet, but they are already trying to assess who you are, what your character is and whether it is worth starting a conversation with you.

How to increase self-confidence

And this is where the image comes into play. Depending on how you show yourself in the first minutes of acquaintance, others quickly develop a certain general impression. And on the basis of this impression, a psychological attitude is formed — a willingness to communicate with you in one way or another.

How people will behave (friendly, wary or aloof) — this choice occurs at the subconscious level. And the right image allows you to influence this installation in the right way.

Find your style

A style that is right for you allows you to increase self-esteem. But you should not form it based on your complexes about physical shortcomings, pay more attention to virtues. When it comes to clothes, it’s not the price or brand that matters, but the fit with your image and the main trends of the time. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in your outfits, and then your confidence will be transferred to others.

How to increase self-confidence

Only the figure of famous supermodels is close to ideal. Although, given the variety of tastes, this type of appearance, on the contrary, will seem repulsive to someone. But girls like to constantly look for flaws in themselves, while perceiving their virtues as something of little importance. We do not appreciate what we have, but we always focus on what we do not have. To increase your self-confidence, identify your strengths and find things that will emphasize this particular part of the figure. You have beautiful slender legs — put on a short skirt, a decollete will help to emphasize a magnificent chest, a belt will highlight your waist. In other words, start from what you are endowed with by nature, make your virtues work for you.


Designers come up with more and more new models and styles of clothing, and among them it is important to find something that will adorn your figure. Do not try to put on all the trendy things at once, such images look overloaded and far-fetched. Remember that a truly successful image that allows you to increase self-confidence should convey your personality. Play with fashion trends, trying to emphasize your dignity with their help. Follow fashion to bring fresh notes to your everyday look, but do not put it at the forefront.

How to increase self-confidence


Each fabric has its own characteristics. Some of them look expensive and luxurious on their own, others are unnecessarily forgiven. Some fabrics will blend better with your skin color, and some worse. Also, the properties of the fabric can affect the perception of the figure. So, shiny materials attract attention, so they should be avoided in problem areas. At the same time, a bright accessory with shiny inserts can be an excellent end to a strict outfit. Properly selected fabric will help to profitably present mouth-watering forms, while not exposing them too much. Some types of fabric slim and slim the silhouette, which is sure to increase your confidence.


Often girls avoid clothes with prints, because they do not always look advantageous. In fact, being able to choose the right print is simply necessary, since this skill will allow you to create interesting and diverse outfits that can increase your self-esteem. There are a number of rules, knowing that you can’t go wrong with a print. For example, if you are small, it is better to choose things with a medium-sized print and refuse horizontal lines. The main thing is that the drawing does not attract too much attention to itself.

Black color

Black is slimming. Another plus of this color is that it looks appropriate in almost any situation and fits most body types. The so-called total look, consisting only of black things, looks great. They will complement each other if you choose different textures: for example, you can combine leather and silk, velvet and denim.

How to increase self-confidence


Even the most beautiful thing will not be able to increase your self-esteem if it makes you uncomfortable. After all, self-confidence is based on a person’s self-awareness, and uncomfortable clothes instantly knock down the right mood. Moreover, each of us understands convenience differently: someone can easily spend the whole day in a tight dress and high heels, and for someone even a tight shirt will be an annoying factor. Everyone has a certain list of things that make them more confident, whether it’s skinny jeans, a loose T-shirt, a sheer blouse, or a closed business suit.

How to increase self-confidence

When you wear what you really like, you will no longer think about how to increase your self-confidence through clothing. If the external appearance corresponds to the internal state and it is pleasant for a person to look at himself in the mirror, he will a priori be more relaxed and confident.

Where to buy leather accessories that will help boost your self-confidence


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