How to look solid for a man and why the role of accessories is so important

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From this article you will learn:

  • What are the main components of the solidity of a man
  • How to look solid for a man
  • Typical mistakes when choosing clothes
  • Why accessories are the basis of a solid image
  • How to choose accessories for men
  • What kind of accessories will help a man look solid

The image of a respectable person consists of many details. This is self-confidence, well-constructed speech, politeness to others. Equally important is the appearance. In the article we will try to answer the question of how to look solid for a man and what is required to create such an image.

The main components of the solidity of a man

All men are concerned about their appearance and the impression they make on others. In the modern world, appearance is the key to a successful career and prosperity. However, the ideal image is made up of many details. Creating the image of a successful and respectable person begins with the most subtle nuances.

How to look solid for a man

The following are the main elements of the image of a respectable man:

  • Health status.

Trite, but health is the main factor in the excellent appearance of each person. The fundamental signs of a healthy person include straight teeth and a snow-white smile. What to say about the smell from the mouth — it can spoil any positive impression and no expensive suit will fix it. It is mandatory to visit the dentist regularly. If after visiting the dentist the unpleasant odor does not go away, a deeper examination of the body, especially the digestive systems, should be carried out.

The next important factor is the condition of the hair, scalp and, in particular, dandruff. To get rid of it once and for all, the problem of dandruff must be approached comprehensively. You should adjust the diet, drink a complex of vitamins and use special shampoos sold in pharmacies.

Hair should be clean and hair neat. Nails must be clean and neatly trimmed. The skin around the nails is free of burrs. If necessary, you can contact a specialized salon and do a simple hygienic manicure.

Beards, mustaches and stubble are all the rage. But it is important to understand that growing a mustache or a beard is not a way to save time in the morning. Regular care and maintenance of the neat condition of the stubble, mustache and beard are required.

Toilet water and deodorants should be used in moderation and applied only to a clean body. Perfume will not mask an unpleasant smell, but will only aggravate the situation.

  • Clothing and footwear.

In the question of how to dress to look solid for a man, taste and style play an important role. The wardrobe of a modern man should be varied. For each type of clothing, it is worth providing 2-3 units of a quality item. This will give you the opportunity to alternate looks throughout the week and allow you to create your own unique style.

Not always a man wants to spend the day in stores looking for clothes. To optimize time, you can make a list of necessary things in advance and pick them up in online stores.

Shoes need to pay no less attention. You can’t skimp on the quality of shoes. It must be made of natural materials, not have external defects, scuffs or cracks. Most importantly, shoes must be clean.

Thus, the issue of appearance must be approached comprehensively. The development of your image should concern all of the above aspects. Obviously, this process will take some time, but the effect of the result is worth it.

Typical mistakes when choosing clothes that prevent a man from looking solid

The following are typical mistakes that men make when choosing clothes:

  • Corduroy suits.
  • Short socks that leave part of the leg uncovered in the “foot to foot” position.
  • A handkerchief that has already been used.
  • Buttons that are loose or about to come off.
  • Wrinkled shirt or suit.
  • A tie that is not tied correctly.
  • The combination of incongruous colors, too bright details.
  • Suit interspersed with sports or military style (patch pockets, shoulder straps).

Accessories — the basis of a solid image

The right accessories can completely change a man’s style. The skillful combination of fashion accessories allows you to make the image more sophisticated without changing your existing wardrobe.

The whole image is made up of many details. Every little thing matters. Thinking about how to look solid for a man in winter and summer, you need to carefully consider the choice of accessories. Cheap fakes and products made from low quality materials can cross out the whole image. We advise you to choose only high-quality products.

Accessories for men must meet three basic requirements: elegance, restraint and quality. This rule applies not only to items of clothing, but also to accessories such as a notebook, pen, business card holder, etc.

Today, the moderate use of accessories is an essential addition to creating a stylish image of a respectable man.

How to choose the right accessories for men

The main criterion for choosing accessories is personal taste preferences. However, there are several basic criteria for creating a successful stylish image:

  1. A high-quality expensive suit and watches are indispensable components of the image of a respectable man.
  2. Every detail of the image matters. When choosing accessories made of precious metals, a man should always know how and with what they should be worn.
  3. Platinum is the most suitable metal for a man.
  4. It is necessary to pay attention to the combination of selected accessories with clothing and their quantity. The abundance of details can look tasteless.

11 accessories that will help a man look solid

  1. Watch.

    How to look solid for a man

    The main accessory, the main indicator of status and prestige. In combination with classic clothes, it is better to choose a mechanical watch with arrows and on a leather strap. A more practical, but not as high-status option would be a quartz watch.

  2. Tie clip.

    How to look solid for a man

    The tie clip should not be too voluminous or catchy. It is better not to buy gold-plated clips, which look very cheap. The tie clip, first of all, should perform a practical function.

    The clip is fastened in the center at chest level so that it is not visible when the jacket is buttoned up.

  3. Cufflinks.

    Cufflinks are attached to shirts with a double cuff, or white shirts worn with a suit.

    How to look solid for a man

    The fastening of the cufflink allows you to fix it on the cuff of the sleeve, passing through special loops.

    Cufflinks come in a wide variety of shapes and patterns. It is important that the color and shape look concise and restrained. Ideally, if the cufflinks are combined with a tie clip.

  4. Belt.

    The original functional meaning of the belt is to protect the stomach in battle. Today, the belt has become an indispensable attribute of the male image. Wearing jeans, and even more so, pants without a belt is considered bad form.

    How to look solid for a man

    The color and texture of the belt should match the shoes and the briefcase. A separate plus if the belt is combined with the watch strap.

  5. Wallet or men’s clutch

    The wallet must be made of genuine leather. It is important that it matches other leather accessories. It is optimal to purchase a wallet that will be combined with a briefcase. A wallet or purse, matched to the color of shoes or a belt, looks no less elegant.

    How to look solid for a man

    The classic wallet colors are black and brown. No less popular are wallets of chocolate, cognac, gray, burgundy and dark green shades. The wallet model should have pockets for bank cards and a wide pocket for banknotes. It is better to put business cards not in a wallet, but in a separate organizer.

  6. A pen.

    How to look solid for a man

    Along with a watch, a pen or pen can tell a lot about a man’s social status and position in society. We recommend choosing models from reliable manufacturers with a history.

  7. Sunglasses.

    How to look solid for a man

    Sunglasses are a seasonal accessory that has a very important practical function, but you should not forget how they look on you. To protect your eyes from the sun, you must choose lenses with a lens tint level of at least 50%.

  8. Bracelet on the arm.

    How to look solid for a man

    Choosing a bracelet, you should build on your everyday image and style of clothing. Jeans and sportswear go great with leather bracelets. With business suits, it is better to wear bracelets made of precious metals: gold (optimally white), platinum and silver.

  9. Umbrella.

    How to look solid for a man

    An umbrella, like glasses, is primarily a seasonal accessory. Nevertheless, the chosen umbrella should correspond to the image of a respectable man. A men’s umbrella should be of calm and restrained colors, without catchy patterns or large ornaments. It is optimal to choose an umbrella in black or dark gray in small stripes or a cage.

  10. Men’s scarf.

    How to look solid for a man

    The men’s neckerchief has been popular over the past few years. It can be worn both with casual clothes and with a classic suit. A scarf does not look as formal as a tie, so it is better not to wear it to events with a strict dress code. But as an everyday accessory, a neckerchief can be a very successful addition to a man’s individual image. The scarf must be made of natural silk. Stripes and checks should be avoided; it is better to give preference to a small pattern.

  11. Men’s bag.

    How to look solid for a man

    Performing, first of all, an important practical function, a bag or briefcase is an important part of the style of a modern business man. The choice of bag depends entirely on your lifestyle. A briefcase is suitable for an office employee, and it will be more convenient for a student to wear a city backpack. As a versatile option, you can choose a flip bag over your shoulder.

    Obviously, in the ability to wear and combine accessories, taste and courage are of fundamental importance. It is important not to try to save on accessories, but to pick up two or three really high-quality and expensive items that will complement and enrich the image. In our opinion, one of these elements should be a bag.

Where to buy a bag that will help a man look solid


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