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Fashion historian Milana Abieva talks about the best way to wear a fanny pack and what to combine it with for the online magazine «Verfi».

Despite the fact that belt bags have been one of the most relevant accessories for several seasons, many still refrain from buying such a model, not quite understanding how to wear it and style it correctly. However, the fanny pack has already managed to justify its wild popularity, because it is not only ultra-stylish, but also functional.

The fanny pack holds everything you need while leaving your hands free and is a great everyday alternative to a bulky backpack or shoulder bag. But what is the best way to wear such a model?

Although the waist bag has retained its name and familiar shape, today designers most often suggest wearing such a bag over the shoulder — both on the chest and on the back. Nevertheless, we will not discount the classic version of socks — on the belt. However, the last option is very risky and instead of getting a fashionable look, you have every chance of being branded as a character stuck in the nineties.

How to wear a waist bag

Therefore, there are several points that should not be forgotten if you decide to take the risk.

Despite the enormous variety among the models of fanny packs — from frankly sporty to ultra-concise, this accessory still needs to be styled in a more «relaxed» way. This does not mean that waist bags should be worn exclusively with jeans and hoodies, by no means.

How to wear a waist bag

But the combination of a suit or a perfectly tailored, fitted jacket and a fanny pack is definitely worth forgetting. So, if you decide to experiment and put on a fanny pack in the way originally conceived for it, then the best option would be to opt for a soft bathrobe coat or an oversized knitted cardigan. If you opt for skinny cropped trousers, white laconic sneakers or sneakers as the basis of the image, you definitely will not go wrong.

How to wear a waist bag

But do not forget that for such purposes it is better to choose more concise and not very voluminous models of waist bags. The classic black rectangular model fits perfectly. If we talk about materials, it is preferable to choose either frankly sporty options — such as nylon, and thereby play on the contrasts of form and texture.

Solutions from textiles and thin canvas are also perfect for this look. If you are one hundred percent sure of your taste, then you can opt for models made of leather or suede. But do not forget that they should not be overloaded with details and decor.

If you decide to go the simpler way and prefer to wear a fanny pack over your shoulder, then do not forget that it will look equally stylish both on the chest and on the back. A belt bag worn over the shoulder will perfectly complement not only a knitted suit, but also casual and even smart-casual looks.

In the first case, the fanny pack will look great with jeans and a voluminous white coarse-knit sweater. Complementing this look with sneakers, you will get a very comfortable and functional outfit. If you opt for deep blue jeans and complement them with massive brogues, then your look is perfect for going to a restaurant or a movie.

To «walk» your waist bag in the office, do not forget that, in this case, its model should be very restrained. It can be either a classic version of leather or suede, or a model made of sports fabric, but in dark colors and without excessive decor. To get a business look, style this fanny pack with cropped trousers and loafers or chelsea boots.

How to wear a waist bag

You can complement this set with both a shirt and a thin turtleneck. In case you don’t have to adhere to a strict dress code, then feel free to combine your fanny pack with jeans or other canvas pants, a shirt and sneakers.

How to wear a waist bag

When it comes to wearing a fanny pack on your back, the rules are simple. In general, you can style it in the same way as if you chose the option of socks on the chest. However, don’t forget that wearing a fanny pack on your back creates a more sporty look. In addition, it is not always convenient and in this case it is better to choose thin and not voluminous clothes — a knitted T-shirt, a thin sweater or longsleeve will do just fine.


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