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Fashion historian Milana Abieva spoke specifically for the online magazine «Shipyards» about how not to make a mistake with the choice of a large bag.

It’s no secret that over the past few seasons, a new insanely popular accessory has appeared in the fashion world — micro bags. Miniature handbags, sometimes more reminiscent of an accessory than a bag, literally filled the catwalks, social networks and store shelves. However, this does not mean that lovers of bulky bags will have to abandon their favorites in favor of their small counterparts.

Despite the wild popularity of micro-bags, large bags are in no hurry to give up their positions. And no wonder, because it is an absolutely indispensable thing in everyday life. Volumetric bags are very convenient both when traveling and at work, as well as, for example, while walking with a child. Moreover, a well-chosen large bag can make your look stylish and even become its highlight.

I have a big bag.  What to wear it with?

However, when choosing a large bag, it is very important not to make a mistake with the proportions and shape. For those who are tall and slender, large bags will fit in the most beautiful way. With this configuration, you can safely choose really large bags of any shape — from bag-shaped to a classic shopping bag. A voluminous bag-bag made of leather will look great with everyday looks — for example, with a white boyfriend shirt, basic jeans and Cossack boots, or with a double-breasted fitted coat.

If you can attribute your height to the category of average, then you should refrain from too large bags. Bags that are too voluminous may not look very good on girls of medium height and on miniature ladies. But this does not mean that you should exclude large bags from your wardrobe. Not at all. Some models of comfortable everyday bags are so versatile that they fit almost any body type.

One of these can be called an elongated tote bag with elegant thin handles. Such a handbag made of leather or suede will be perfectly combined not only with everyday outfits, but also with business images. Due to the noble material, such a model, despite its obvious convenience, will look very elegant. Style it with leather ankle boots with low stable heels, an oversized jacket and classic trousers — and you are guaranteed a stylish look.

Moreover, such a combination, due to elongated vertical lines and a low, but comfortable heel, will allow you to visually add a couple of centimeters of height. If you like brighter everyday looks, you can pay attention to more juicy shades when choosing a large bag.

I have a big bag.  What to wear it with?

Canary yellow or rich red will perfectly fit into your wardrobe in any season. A large bag in a rich shade will go well with a linen suit in summer, a warm down jacket in winter, and a sweater dress and trench coat in autumn. When choosing a bright bag, give preference to textured leather or fine suede. If you like to experiment, pay attention to eco-leather or canvas — they also look quite stylish and no less wearable than natural materials.

Well, the favorite option of the most courageous fashionistas is big bags on a chain. Such bags can hardly be called very comfortable due to their shape and the presence of a long chain. Agree — soft handles are much more comfortable if your bag is crammed with all the necessary things. However, this option looks very stylish and non-trivial.

I have a big bag.  What to wear it with?

Wear this bag with an asymmetric blouse or sweater and elegant sandals with thin stiletto heels, or with laconic sneakers and palazzo trousers. Such an image due to such an unusual accessory will definitely not go unnoticed.

If you really like to shock the public with non-standard solutions, then it is for you that designers create bags that are not just large, but obviously exaggerated in size. Such models are more decorative than functional, emphasizing your extraordinary preferences in fashion and style, if you have any.

I have a big bag.  What to wear it with?

In fairness, it must be said that despite the endless whims of fashion and a myriad of newfangled trends, large bags have not lost their popularity from the very moment of their appearance. At the end of the sixties, ladies tasted all the charm and comfort of carrying a handbag on the shoulder, and even such that it is easy to take everything you need with ease.

Since then, large bags are not subject to the changeable mood of fashion. That is why such handbags constantly flash in the photographs of street-style chronicles and glossy magazines.

And almost every handbag brand has at least one large and comfortable bag in their line.


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