I have a colorful wardrobe. How to choose a bag for him? Read more

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Fashion historian Milana Abiyeva shares life hacks for managing her own wardrobe and choosing the right bags for the online magazine «Verfi».

It’s no secret that a bag is one of the key elements of a woman’s wardrobe. It is this accessory that can radically change the image and form the right message. And you rarely meet a woman who even goes to the nearest coffee shop without a handbag. Perhaps that is why ladies all over the world adore this accessory so much and are ready to replenish their collections with it endlessly.

However, it is important not to forget that, contrary to popular belief, a bag is a very capricious accessory. And the notorious rule “take black — it will suit everything” has long been outdated. Of course, in the event that your wardrobe is mainly formed from things of deep dark shades, then black will be very useful.

But what if your closet is full of different colors? Do you want your favorite handbag to successfully complement all your looks? I propose to disassemble some of the most common options.

I have a colorful wardrobe.  How to choose a bag for him?

Let’s add colors! If you are a fan of deep and rich shades — such as wine, sapphire, emerald and chocolate, then a wine-colored handbag is perfect for you. This color scheme goes well with all the aforementioned noble shades and will make the image more “complex” and noticeable.

A burgundy handbag is also a great way to freshen up basic monochrome looks. For example, the classic combination of black trousers and a white blouse. If you complement such a set with a cardigan or a scarf of a similar shade, you will get not only a stylish, but also a cozy look.

I have a colorful wardrobe.  How to choose a bag for him?

For those who prefer images in neutral shades, a gray bag is the perfect solution. Moreover, the shade can be absolutely anything — from dark asphalt to pearl gray. A gray bag is able to “revive” both a black total look and a light monochrome look.

Style your favorite gray handbag with trendy white jeans and an oversized sweater, cream jersey dress, graphite jacket and Bermuda shorts. In a word, a gray handbag is simply indispensable for lovers of calm neutral shades.

I have a colorful wardrobe.  How to choose a bag for him?

Feel free to choose the model to your taste and in accordance with your lifestyle — from a micro-bag to a hobo bag, which is extremely relevant now. And if you decide to dilute your wardrobe with a soft pink pullover or a flowing sky blue dress, then your versatile gray handbag will not let you down either.

It is not the first season that autumn-winter collections surprise us with an abundance of light shades, and white handbags and boots have become a real must-have. The functionality and versatility of this trend, even in the snowy expanses of our climate zone, has already been tested by an advanced detachment of avid fashionistas, so feel free to take note of it.

A white handbag is perfect for you if you are a person who craves variety. This solution will perfectly complement the total look in light and dark shades, images of denim and eco-leather in a wide variety of shades, and even sets with actual neon colors.

You can opt for both a universal shopper bag and a classic chain bag. Alternatively, you can look at a compact backpack — any of these options will look stylish and appropriate depending on your lifestyle.

I have a colorful wardrobe.  How to choose a bag for him?

Contrary to popular belief that black is a universal solution when choosing a bag, this is not at all the case. Today’s variety of trends has noticeably weakened the position of black accessories. Therefore, when choosing a black handbag, pay special attention to the shape, size and texture.

Of course, if your wardrobe consists of predominantly monochrome and neutral shades, then a black bag will not ruin your look, but it can definitely make it boring. So who is it for?

The most important criterion for choosing a black bag is not the color, but the style. A black bag is perfect for lovers of minimalistic images with brutal notes. Jockey boots styled with an oversized sweater, a classic black suit with palazzo trousers are great options.

Black Cossack boots in combination with a contrasting feminine dress and a leather jacket will look more extravagant. In any case, when choosing a black bag, pay special attention to the shape and details. In this case, they are of tremendous importance and «define» the image.

I have a colorful wardrobe.  How to choose a bag for him?

However, the versatility of a black micro bag or a miniature black clutch has not yet been canceled. This option can perfectly complement absolutely any wardrobe, give a touch of femininity and will be as friendly as possible to any look.


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