LocTote Flak Sack II: safe, comfortable and practical

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Like many other interesting innovative ideas, the Loctote Industrial Bag Company was born as a result of an unpleasant story that happened to one of the brand’s creators. A relaxing family holiday on Santa Cruz Island was marred by theft — while Don Halpern, co-founder of Loctote, was enjoying the sunset on the beach, his belongings were stolen. In an effort to find an accessory that would keep other travelers out of similar situations, Halpern and Adam McBride came up with the release of the Flak Sack.

Loctote rethinks backpacks with travel in mind. The company, among other things, helps travelers by maintaining an extensive blog on the site with many life hacks and tips. The brand really wants everyone’s gear to be safe and sound, adventures to be more fun, and days to be carefree. And this is great — because they perfectly embody their aspirations in backpacks, including the Loctote Flak Sack II.


At first glance, it may seem that Flak Sack II is simple in terms of design — made in general restrained colors and laconically complemented by leather inserts. Taking a closer look at the accessory, one can understand why it stands out from the range of traditional bag-bags.

The basis of the backpack is the material. The tear and abrasion resistant FLAKnit™ fabric (with ANSI A9 cut resistance rating is the highest) has a melange hue that stands out against the grey. FLAKnit™ is a durable material made from Honeywell’s UHMWPE Spectra fiber, the same material that many tactical garments are made from. The material is also complemented by waterproof properties.

The slings, like the main body, have interesting details. The black color is diluted with neat white blotches, which in combination are reflective. The functionality of the slings does not end there — they cannot be torn or cut due to the high molecular weight polyethylene core.

The elegance and rigor of the accessory is achieved with the help of leather inserts — a logo made in a classic style, corner square inserts and a fastener on the straps.

Safety system

Sounds like we’re talking about home security, but no. In the case of LocTote Flak Sack II, this can only be described as a system with interconnected elements that protect accessories from theft.

In addition to the FLAKnit™ fabric itself, the backpack is completed with a reinforced strap with a brass combination lock. It closes the main compartment like a safe. This allows you to either lock the bag with a steel-reinforced fixing strap, or attach the accessory to a table, fence, or other fixed object.

The formula for using a backpack is very simple — it consists of four main consecutive components — Tighten the straps, Tighten the loops, Zip the lock and Leave the bag. PS An illustrative example is below.

By the way, if there is no need for a lock, it can be practically hidden behind the logo. An ergonomic design element that allows you to keep the lock mechanism at hand at all times.

The slings cannot be cut or torn, just like the fabric. Over time, the materials will not deteriorate as they are resistant to abrasion.

The inside pocket is equipped with RFID fraud protection technology. Cards and passport data are not available for unauthorized scanning.

Drawstring bag backpacks are thin and flat in design. With LocTote Flak Sack II, the same thing — the accessory retains a minimalistic, neat shape. The most important thing that can shock you at the first meeting with an accessory is its weight, the backpack is really heavy. But over time, it will not be felt at all — mainly due to soft lines. And also due to the fact that the functionality of the accessory outweighs all the shortcomings.

LocTote Flak Sack II is a reliable companion in various situations. While swimming in the sea, you can fasten it to an umbrella, closing all the contents with a padlock. The same can be done when you and your friends are out on the basketball court in the park.

It is convenient to go in for sports with the bag — wide soft straps will not rub your shoulders, and a chest strap will ensure the stability of the accessory.

Inside, the backpack is soft and has enough volume space to organize the necessary set of things. The accessory holds a laptop or tablet up to 13 inches and also has pockets to securely store keys, wallet, sunglasses and phone (RFID pocket).


It is unlikely that LocTote Flak Sack II can become a backpack for everyday use — after all, it is very limited in terms of the number of pockets and compartments. But the accessory seems to be a comfortable bag for short-term situations — for example, trips to the sea or walks in the forest.

The durable materials and safety features of the LocTote Flak Sack II will ensure that any adventure goes smoothly.


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