Parisian and her style

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Parisian and her style

Paris is an amazing city… Paris is the tart smell of coffee and the sound of a crispy croissant, the eternal murmur of the Seine and the ringing of the bells of Notre Dame de Paris. But, above all, it is the fashion capital of the world — sensual, elegant, light, seductive, slightly eccentric, like a real Parisian, with a fragrance from Chanel No. 5 and caramel-colored lipstick on the lips.

Secrets of street style Paris

Parisian women can rightfully be considered trendsetters, style icons worthy of imitation and admiration. Are these women beautiful on the outside? Perhaps it is impossible to determine this, because even grandfather Heine said that a true resident of Paris has thousands of masks behind which she hides her real face. But no one doubts that the style of a Parisian woman is always impeccable.

Speaking of Parisian style, the first thing that comes to mind is the legendary Coco Chanel. This fragile fashion designer created an entire fashion empire that to this day dresses women around the world in her trademark «dear simplicity».

Her fitted jacket and little black became the basis on which the entire Parisian style of clothing was subsequently formed. Many years have passed since then, but modern Parisians have remained faithful to the simplicity and impeccability of forms, although they have brought a lot of new things to this style.

Paris style today

Those who were in the French capital could not help but notice that Parisians are charming and graceful, they are trying to preserve naturalness and, at the same time, give a twist to each of their images. Apparently, therefore, Parisian women choose restrained tones in makeup, do not openly indicate the features of the figure, but often climb on their heels and open their legs. Parisians are ladies of contrasts, but whatever you wear, they will always attract the eyes of enthusiastic passers-by, once again reminding them that they have excellent taste.

The style of the streets of Paris is a combination of relevance and elegance. These are the key factors in clothing that all Parisian ladies aspire to. Going to work, young residents of Paris and older women adhere to one golden rule: “If you don’t remember what a woman was wearing, then she was dressed correctly.” In other words, in everyday life they avoid pretentiousness, chic, brilliance, and choose comfort and individuality, manifested in the choice of beautiful, original, but simple accessories.

Femininity is another integral part of the Parisian style. French women prefer skirts and dresses, fitted silhouettes and elegant shoes, expensive perfumes and hairstyles in a true Parisian style — light, well-groomed curls that gently frame the face. When creating an image, Parisians always pay attention to the quality of materials, the accuracy of the cut and the fit of the finished product. But the whole point of the Parisian style of clothing lies in the details. Women living in the capital of fashion for many decades have learned to perfectly combine the incongruous: expensive with cheap, trendy with traditional, avant-garde with the generally accepted. Therefore, layering and combinatoriality are often found in their outfits.

Accessories lovers

A variety of mufflers, scarves, shawls — details without which the image of a Parisian lady is considered unfinished. The choice of texture and color is not limited by anything, so Parisians feel free to wear them with any outfit. Modern residents of Paris believe that it is impossible to save on one, or rather two types of accessories. You probably already guessed that these are bags and shoes. Parisians choose for themselves comfortable, high-quality shoes with small heels and roomy bags.

But in order for your wardrobe to be imbued with the spirit of Parisian fashion, it is not at all necessary to go to France, just first find tenderness and femininity in yourself, add the aroma of confidence, graceful gait and a smile. And now go create your fashionable, individual Parisian style — you will definitely succeed!


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