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Fashion historian Milana Abieva spoke about the trend for handbags for the phone especially for the online magazine «Shipyards».

Following the comprehensive advent of fashion trends from the nineties, the fashion trends that dominated the fashion of the early 2000s came to the fore — handbags studded with rhinestones, high-heeled shoes, velor suits — all this is regaining popularity among designers and stylists. Of course, the revival of interest in the fashion of the 2000s did not bypass the cult it-bags, which were wildly popular at the beginning of the new millennium.

As a matter of fact, it was their designers who first of all hurried to reanimate, and did not fail. And along with the most popular handbags, of course, cult accessories of the 2000s returned to fashion — in particular, chains, laces and other attributes for our beloved and such irreplaceable smartphones.

But, despite the cyclical nature of fashion, trends still tend to change. This time, phone accessories have reached a new level — now special handbags have appeared for our inseparable smartphone friends. Yes, yes — in continuation of the original covers, chains and laces, modern phones have also acquired special handbags.

Such an innovation instantly took a leading position in the wish lists of all bloggers and fashionistas. After all, this is not just a bag, it is an ultra-fashionable accessory that can be worn both on its own and in tandem with any other handbag. The phone bag came in very handy — after all, the fashion for micro-bags made us carry our smartphones in our hands or in our pockets.

Phone bag - the new cult accessory?

But the handbag for the phone has become an excellent compromise solution to this issue. Strictly speaking, the only difference between a phone bag and any other micro bag is its shape, thanks to which it can easily fit a smartphone. Often such handbags have additional compartments for bank cards — after all, a wallet, even the most compact one, will no longer fit into such a handbag. In a word, a phone bag can be called the most convenient version of the micro-bags so popular today.

So what to wear it with? This is the very moment when you can answer “absolutely everything” and not be mistaken. After all, despite the fact that the trend for phone bags is relatively young, the variety of models and styles is so extensive that everyone will find a suitable model.

Phone bag - the new cult accessory?

The phone bag can be either sporty made of nylon or elegant and feminine – made of fine calfskin. And it depends on this how best to style it.

For example, a refined and elegant phone bag made of expensive materials and complemented by a noble decor can complement not only everyday looks consisting of trousers and a cozy sweater, but also serve as a great alternative to a clutch for cocktail and even evening attire. Such a handbag will not only free you from the need to carry a phone in your hands at a social event, but also allow you to take lipstick and a miniature of your favorite perfume with you. Not to mention that your image will look fresh and relevant.

If you choose a more casual option, then opt for concise models without excessive decor. Such a handbag can be made of nylon or canvas, as well as leather or eco-leather. Such a handbag, complemented by a long shoulder strap, will perfectly complement not only sets of jeans and sweaters, but also a flowing dress, an oversized jacket and even a voluminous down jacket.

The most avid fashionistas use the shoulder strap as a belt, turning their phone pouch into a fanny pack, thereby making it more more functional. Some designers have gone further and combined the idea of ​​a phone bag with a fanny pack. The result is a very stylish accessory, which is a belt complemented by many micro-bags of various sizes — a phone bag, of course, is also among them.

Phone bag - the new cult accessory?

Such a belt looks very stylish, not to mention its functionality and spaciousness — here you will get many compartments for a wide variety of little things. In a word, the phone bag trend turned out to be not just a new fashion trend, but also a very functional innovation that appealed to fans of compact accessories.

Moreover, in the warm season, a phone bag can easily replace a full-fledged bag and come in handy not only in the city, but also in the resort. So this accessory can be called universal and worthy of paying attention to it.


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