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Fashion historian Milana Abieva continues her story about the most influential women in the world of fashion in different years especially for the online magazine «Verfi».

Today, more and more often we hear that modern designers are experiencing a creative crisis. Critics often argue that everything that was possible to create in fashion has already been invented. Our contemporaries can only rethink the «well-forgotten old» and give it a new life.

However, this issue remains controversial. And the fact that with each new collection we see the “rebirth” of cult bags, other accessories, accessories and silhouettes of past eras is beyond doubt. That is why today, more than ever, it is important to turn to images of style icons in search of inspiration.

Designers are inspired by them — so you will be much less likely to make a “fashion blunder”. For this reason, I suggest you remember the charming Princess Diana, to whose style even during her lifetime, increased attention was riveted. And today, the images of the Princess of Wales have become a kind of “style guide”. Moreover, the trends from the nineties are now more relevant than ever.

Princess Diana.  Style icons and their bags

Diana was a real style icon — of course, there were failures in her fashionable biography (one of the loudest was her wedding dress), nevertheless, the representative of the royal family honed her style over the years and soon became a real object to follow. Named after Diana, the Lady Dior handbag, whose history you are already familiar with, does not leave the catwalks and does not lose its glory today.

However, not only the cult model from Dior was loved by Diana Spencer — in the arsenal of the queen of hearts there were several favorite models of handbags, which will still be very appropriate today. After all, it is not in vain that the Gucci fashion house not so long ago reintroduced the bag model so beloved by our heroine, giving her the name Diana. The model instantly fell in love with the clients of the house and the fashion community. No wonder, because a real classic is timeless.

Princess Diana.  Style icons and their bags

What separates a style icon from just a well-dressed lady? The style icon not only has a certain charm, charisma and the ability to combine things, but also always looks appropriate and harmonious. Princess Diana’s everyday looks were light, casual and incredibly stylish. And most often they were complemented by a comfortable and roomy shopper bag.

Whether it’s an elegant, laconic shopper in matte leather or a more sophisticated one with bamboo handles like the Diana model, the princess masterfully combined it with sheath dresses and ballet flats, as well as with jeans, pullover and moccasins. Surprisingly, even today such solutions will look relevant, fresh and elegant.

And, most importantly, they will definitely not go out of fashion in a matter of months. In a word, if you still don’t have a comfortable and stylish shopper bag in your wardrobe, then I strongly recommend paying attention to it. The relevance of such a bag has been tested for decades — it can definitely be called a competent investment in a wardrobe.

However, most of Diana Spencer’s life was made up of social receptions and evenings, and therefore she could not do without elegant handbags. The princess was crazy about compact handbags on a chain. She acquired some of her favorite models in a wide variety of shades (sometimes in twenty or even more copies).

One such favorite of the Princess from Salvatore Ferragamo, the fashion house also later named after her charming mistress — Lady Di. Today, chain bags are found in most brands — all because since Coco Chanel showed the world the first handbag on a chain, women have fallen in love with it so much that its place on the fashionable Olympus is unshakable. Even today, this model does not lose its relevance.

Princess Diana.  Style icons and their bags

Moreover, as a rule, bags on a chain perfectly complement a variety of looks — from a soft cashmere suit to a pantsuit and a cocktail dress. If you still doubt whether you should get such a model — the answer is absolutely obvious — of course, you should!

Princess Diana.  Style icons and their bags

In addition to shopping bags, chain bags and elegant handbags similar to the Lady Dior model, miniature clutches were a separate favorite of the queen of hearts. Moreover, Diana complemented them not only with luxurious evening looks, but also with cocktail dresses. In addition to beauty and aesthetics, they performed a very noble function — they covered the deep neckline of the princess when she took delicate poses — for example, when leaving the car.

So take note of another not only beautiful, but also useful accessory. Today, many designers complement miniature clutches with detachable long chains, which allows them to fit even into everyday looks, not to mention evening sets.


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