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From this article you will learn:

  • On what occasion are status gifts given?
  • How is a status gift different from a regular one?
  • What to look for when choosing a status gift for a leader
  • How to choose a leather briefcase as a status gift
  • What are the rules for presenting status gifts
  • What gifts should not be given to a person with a high status

When choosing status gifts for respectable men and business women, various business accessories are most often preferred. At the same time, the donor is very worried about whether the item being handed over will really be of status, whether they will like it, whether it will be given to someone else or thrown carelessly on the windowsill in the office. In our article, we will talk about what constitutes a status gift and how to present it correctly.

To whom and when they give status gifts

Status gifts — these are expensive, original, most often practical items that are awarded as a sign of attention and respect to a person holding an important post or position. In general, such a present has the same function as for an ordinary person — it demonstrates the joy of a wonderful holiday in a person’s life.

Usually status gifts are given in the following cases:

  1. when they want to congratulate on a personal or public holiday;
  2. strive to pay tribute to tradition;
  3. express sympathy, thank for cooperation;
  4. show love or appreciation as a sign of friendship;
  5. show respect.

Status gifts, chosen with taste and properly presented, will help you arouse a person’s disposition, build your relationship in a positive way.

Status gifts

It must be remembered that all people are different and therefore an expensive present is also evaluated differently. Often even valuable things do not arouse interest if some practical benefit cannot be extracted from them. But there are certain categories of people who will appreciate expensive gifts:

  • company management;
  • business partners;
  • high-ranking businessman;
  • an official holding a high position;
  • a wealthy acquaintance or relative who knows a lot about such things.

Status gifts

On what occasions are valuable gifts usually presented? In a variety of ways, depending on the level and proximity of your relationship with the donee.

Most often these are birthdays of the company or personal anniversaries, professional holidays, banquets on the occasion of the conclusion of important transactions.

What distinguishes status gifts from ordinary ones

Status gifts are, as a rule, exclusive, branded items.

Status gifts

They are distinguished by the following features:

  1. Quality. Such presentations are always items of the highest quality, no matter what area they belong to.
  2. Materials. The best materials are used in the manufacture: finely tanned leather, natural expensive stones, precious metals.
  3. Uniqueness. Most often, these are piece, designer items, behind which there is a long-term reputation of a world brand or the result of filigree handwork.
  4. High price. Exclusivity and the highest quality dictate the high cost of a status present.

How to choose a status gift for a leader

It is always difficult to choose even a symbolic souvenir correctly. And when it is necessary to purchase an elite status gift for a man’s leader, the choice becomes much more difficult.

Status gifts

A junk trinket with a claim to originality will not fit the role of such a present. Such things, as a rule, are either donated to less demanding people, or sent to gather dust on the mezzanine.

A status gift for a man’s leader should be special — exclusive, but not pretentious, demonstrating good taste. It was then that he would cause truly sincere delight in the donee. If the external respectable appearance is also combined with the practicality of the functions, then the acquisition will be doubly successful.

What to remember when you are going to buy an elite present:

  • the thing you are going to present should be special, memorable;
  • the gift must correspond to the preferences of the person being presented;
  • The present must be non-standard, exclusive.

Elite gifts are distinguished by a high price, but in most cases you can keep within a very reasonable amount.

First of all, the handed thing must demonstrate a positive attitude towards the one for whom it is intended.

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If you respect your boss and want to express your appreciation for loyal and productive leadership, then the right status gift will help you show your attitude.

An important factor when choosing a presentation can be its practical properties and purpose.

Status gifts

Before choosing such a present, you need to consider what preferences the person to whom you are going to present it has. Evaluate how the chosen gift corresponds to the status of the hero of the occasion, whether it reflects his business interests and passions. If such purchases are new to you, give preference to classic options, elegant and concise.

Of course, if possible, it would be useful to find out what items were given to him earlier and whether among them were those that you are going to present. In this case, the present, of course, will not cause the expected effect.

Gifts that can be used both in business and in everyday life are always especially appreciated.

How to choose a leather briefcase as a status gift

A briefcase is one of the options for a good status gift for a business person. Businessmen, managers, high-ranking public figures work with a huge amount of documentation every day, and therefore they simply need this business accessory. Solid leather briefcases, thanks to the presence of several compartments and hard walls in them, help to properly store and transport the necessary important papers. And high-quality thick leather and branded accessories give the accessory a stylish and expensive look, which allows the briefcase to be an integral part of a respectable image.

Status gifts

The first mention of a bag of this kind can be found in documents from the era of Roman legionnaires. Since then, the portfolio has not acquired any special changes in appearance, only the quality of materials and fittings has changed. Throughout its existence, the portfolio has been an integral part of the wardrobe of lawyers, businessmen, and travelers.

The briefcase was made of high quality leather, it had a rigid metal frame and the necessary fittings, as well as a comfortable handle. In this form, it has reached our days, retaining its popularity due to its convenience and practicality. Today, a briefcase is a constant companion of a business person, for whom comfort and style are so important.

Status gifts

As a business accessory, the briefcase is designed for permanent use. Therefore, in order to maintain its respectable status appearance for as long as possible, it must be made of high quality materials. Today there are a huge number of inexpensive briefcases on sale, the use of cheap accessories and artificial leather for their manufacture helps manufacturers to lure the buyer with a low price. But will such a portfolio be of high quality and convenient to use? Definitely not. If you want to present a really solid and worthy briefcase as a status gift for men, carefully approach its choice.

First of all, pay attention to the material. You should be interested only in genuine leather, very dense, of high quality. It is in this case that the briefcase will retain its beautiful appearance for a long time, it will not leave traces of damage or scratches. Also, such a product will retain its shape for a long time, remaining intact and not deformed.

Status gifts

When choosing a portfolio, also pay attention to the fittings. Metal fasteners, handle fastenings, locks of internal pockets — all this must be made of high quality metal, resistant to peeling, the lock mechanisms should not jam. Also carefully inspect the handle — its fastening should be strong and reliable.

In conclusion, inspect the seams, how even and strong they are. Also evaluate the appearance of the briefcase as a whole — you need a worthy stylish accessory that will correspond to the status of its future owner.

Status gifts

The frame of a business portfolio must be rigid to ensure the safety of its contents.

The handle deserves special attention. It should be durable, comfortable, have a high-quality fastening. It makes sense to purchase a model with an additional long strap — the future owner will be able to carry the briefcase on his shoulder, unfastening it if necessary.

When choosing a briefcase as a status gift for a man, focus on classic tones that will harmoniously fit into any business look:

  • black;
  • grey;
  • dark red;
  • brown;
  • dark blue.

In addition to high-quality fittings and a frame, an expensive briefcase attracts attention with its surface texture. It can be glossy or muted matte; models with a embossed finish look very impressive.

Perhaps you know the taste preferences of the future portfolio owner, then you can choose a present of a certain color.

Such an acquisition will be very practical. A rigid frame will keep important papers safe and sound, and a well-thought-out arrangement of internal compartments and pockets will allow you to place things in a way that is convenient for the owner, and he will not waste valuable time looking for them. Finally, the noble expensive appearance of the portfolio will always remind you of the status of the owner.

How to give status gifts

There is a certain business etiquette that prescribes how to properly and adequately present status gifts. If you plan to send a present to business partners, then a business card of the donating company is always attached to it. When congratulating foreign partners, do not forget that the text of the postcard must be written in the language of the countries of the partners.

Status gifts

The congratulation should contain a greeting, actually a congratulation and wishes. Avoid familiarity, address by name and patronymic. In a congratulation, a conversational style is inappropriate; it should be sustained in a friendly, but official tone. Business partners do not want love, fun, etc., the circle of congratulations should be limited to business interests. You can wish success in business, new achievements, health, etc.

Considering that the present is primarily valuable as a sign of attention, a label with a price is always removed from it. This rule is not held in high esteem only by American partners. All status offerings are presented in a package designed in a classic style.

Beautiful respectable packaging creates the first impression of a status gift. The second step is the actual delivery, after which you should listen to the words of gratitude without unnecessary discussion.

When the gift is presented personally by the donor, the recipient should open the package directly in his presence, familiarize himself with the contents and then thank. It is considered bad manners if an unopened box is set aside. It is also impolite to express displeasure aloud from the gift received.

Status gifts

The donee may refuse a status gift if this causes him to be subsequently a debtor. In this case, you can express gratitude for such a gift and gently but persistently refuse to accept it. In the future, you must be consistent and in no case change your decision.

What gifts can not be given to a person with a high status

A status gift for a wealthy person must always meet three criteria — to be expensive, of high quality and original. You should know what things categorically cannot be presented:

  1. Personal hygiene items. Such gifts are unacceptable either as ordinary gifts or as status gifts — they demonstrate a complete lack of taste and tact from the giver.
  2. Really cheap stuff. By this you show disrespect for the hero of the occasion.
  3. Money. Such a gift cannot be called original or expensive in the generally accepted sense of the word.
  4. Presents with a limited time of use — tickets to a concert, event, etc. A wealthy person may simply not have time for such leisure in the schedule, and the tickets will simply disappear or be used by other people.
  5. Gifts that take time. A thoroughbred horse presented for an anniversary, of course, is impressive, but what if the donee has neither a stable nor staff to care for the animal? Another option could be, for example, a paid portrait by a famous artist: in order to get it, you must first set aside a lot of time for posing.

If you are presenting a status present on behalf of the company, you should not put the logo on the item itself that you give. Thus, you are not so much congratulating a famous person as advertising your company, and this is unacceptable.

In this case, you can do this: pack the present in branded packaging or attach a postcard with congratulations from the company team to the gift. If you please with a gift, the owner will be happy to use it, if not, he will easily re-gift it, but will appreciate your efforts.

Where to buy a men’s bag made of genuine leather

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