Sizes of men’s bags: an overview of models, nuances, photos

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From this article you will learn:

  • What types and sizes are men’s bags?
  • What styles suit certain bags?
  • How to choose the right men’s bag?

A rare city dweller can go outside without his favorite bag. This invariable accessory is selected according to several parameters, including convenience, quality and appearance. At the same time, the models and sizes of men’s bags in modern stores are so diverse that it is not always easy to choose the right one. You will find a number of useful tips on this issue in our article.

Varieties of men’s bags and their sizes

There are several main types of men’s bags, each of which has its own functional features. And it is the practical purpose of the bag that determines its size.

  1. Clutch.
  2. If earlier the clutch was an exclusively female accessory, now such bags are made for the stronger sex. Men’s clutch, of course, is significantly different in its design. In such a bag, a man can carry several of the most necessary things.

    Approximate size — 12×21.5×3.5 cm.

    Sizes of men's bags

  3. Leather briefcases.
  4. A briefcase should be chosen based on what things you are going to wear in it and what clothes to combine with. Definitely, you should pay attention to briefcases made of genuine leather, which are made in large and medium sizes. An interesting option is a retro-style briefcase with a large number of internal and external compartments.

    The approximate size of the portfolio is 28x39x8 cm.

    Sizes of men's bags

    Naturally, most often briefcases are worn to work and combined with business attire. But if you wear tailored jeans with a shirt and jacket, then the briefcase will also look quite appropriate.

  5. Shoulder bags

  6. Postman’s bag.

    Among men’s bags of medium size, this variety can be called the most popular. A lot of young people prefer a «postman» bag, as it is a simple and practical option for every day. Its distinguishing feature is the front cover-valve.

    Sizes of men's bags

    A leather «postman» bag is usually worn every day: for study, work, a walk, and so on. Therefore, when choosing, you should pay attention to size, quality and convenience. It is better to prefer a model with a minimal design, without a large number of pockets, various inscriptions and patterns. The less decorative details there are on the bag, the more practical it is and the easier it is to include it in your everyday look.

    This bag can be worn with both a business suit and casual clothes.

    Approximate size — 34x28x5.5 cm.

    Newspaper carrier’s bag.

    Sizes of men's bags

    The sizes of men’s shoulder bags are varied: for example, this type differs from the «postman» in much greater capacity.

    In terms of its functions, a newspaper peddler’s bag is similar to a backpack. It is suitable for active people, students and representatives of creative professions who need to have a lot of things at hand. Thanks to its impressive size, the bag will fit sports shoes, a bottle of water, a tablet, a few notebooks and much more.

    Men’s shoulder bags are made in both vertical and horizontal formats. The advantage of the first option is, of course, the convenience to wear. The second option is different in that you can put a few more voluminous things in it. Accordingly, the format must be chosen based on your own needs. A very important part of the bag is the belt: your comfort and the service life of the bag depend on its quality.

  7. Business bags.
  8. A classic is a black or brown leather bag with a very discreet decor. However, manufacturers offer more daring options — it all depends on your desire. It is important to decide on the functionality: for carrying everyday things, they choose a more compact model, and a larger model is quite suitable even for carrying a laptop.

    The approximate size of a business bag is 30x39x7.5 cm.

    Sizes of men's bags

  9. Leather folders
  10. In the matter of choosing a leather folder, its functionality also comes first. A4 size men’s bag with a special paper holder is ideal for business people who constantly need to carry various documents with them.

    The approximate size is 24x35x4 cm (a bag with such characteristics can hold A4 documents and a laptop with a diagonal of up to 12 inches).

    Sizes of men's bags

  11. Tablet bags.
  12. First of all, such a bag is intended for carrying a tablet, but in principle, any small things can be carried in it. Depending on the purpose of the acquisition, the optimal thickness and height of the bag-tablet is selected. Also, different models differ in the closing mechanism: it can be either a zipper or a magnetic valve.

    Approximate size — 32.5×28.5×5.5 cm (the ability to carry A4 documents, as well as a laptop or tablet with a diagonal of up to 10 inches).

    Sizes of men's bags

  13. Laptop bags.
  14. Before buying a bag, find out the diagonal of your laptop. If the bag is small, then squeezing a laptop into it will be a problem, and if it is large, it will not be possible to fix the equipment well.

  15. Travel bags and suitcases.
  16. A men’s travel bag can be a little smaller or a little larger depending on how much stuff you need to carry. In general, when choosing a men’s travel bag, you should be guided by only one criterion — your own convenience.

    The size of the travel bag can be as follows: 30.5×52.5×28.5 cm (A3 papers are placed, as well as a laptop up to 15.6 inches).

    Sizes of men's bags

  17. Leather backpacks.
  18. A leather backpack is a very stylish and comfortable accessory. The sizes of men’s bags of this type vary from medium to very large. In addition to size, you should definitely pay attention to the convenience of belts. Models with additional pockets are considered very practical, which provide convenient access to the most necessary things.

    The size of the backpack can be as follows: 38x30x11 cm (fits a laptop with a diagonal of up to 12 inches, A4 documents).

    Sizes of men's bags

How to choose a men’s bag

We live in a time when there are a lot of shops around, and most of them have a fairly wide range of products. This has its advantages, but there are also disadvantages, for example, the inability to carefully consider each model. As a result, finding this or that thing in a suitable size and color is quite difficult. In such conditions, the choice of a men’s bag is very difficult, because the model must fit several parameters at once, including functional characteristics, appearance, and compliance with your style of clothing. We’ve put together a few tips to help you make the right choice.

  • What to pay attention to first.
  • When choosing a bag, it is important first of all to make sure the quality of the material. The best look and the longest retain the original appearance of high quality genuine leather products. The men’s leather bag has a pleasant texture, is not affected by moisture and tolerates temperature changes well, and it is also quite easy to clean. High-quality material is a guarantee that the product will serve you for a long time, and the things in it will always be safe.

    Sizes of men's bags

  • Fittings and finishes.
  • Equally important is the quality of the zippers, fasteners and other closing mechanisms. If they were initially made carelessly, then you may expect an unpleasant surprise in the form of an early breakdown. Check the strength of the lining: this factor is also important if we are talking about the usability of a men’s bag.

    Particular attention should be paid to the comfort of handles and straps. For a shoulder bag, it is very important that the strap is wide enough so that it does not put pressure on the shoulders. Another nuance is the presence of a nozzle that prevents slipping. As a result, you need to find a model whose handles are comfortable to wear.

    Sizes of men's bags

  • Color is also an important nuance.
  • The color of accessories is always chosen based on how you dress. If a man prefers black in clothes, then it is better to choose a black bag. With jeans and blue suits, brown harmonizes better.

  • Make sure that the men’s leather bag you choose will fit all the necessary things.
  • We have already said above that men’s bags can be horizontal and vertical. At the same time, vertically shaped products are almost always smaller in size, but equipped with a large number of additional pockets. A horizontal bag is a more practical and versatile option. You can usually put a tablet or even a laptop in such a bag.

    Sizes of men's bags

    The dimensions of men’s bags of a horizontal type allow you to take a large list of things with you: it can be equipment, documents, clothes, and other useful little things. The capacity of a particular model is largely determined by its width.

    Arm yourself with these tips, and then you are sure to find a bag that will become your perfect everyday accessory!

    Where to buy a men’s leather bag of the right size

    Sizes of men's bags

    The highest quality of BRIALDI is the result of many successive operations, the first of which is the selection of material. Only 10% of the leather produced worldwide meets our requirements, and not all of it is honored to become the basis for our products. Only the highest quality raw materials, carefully selected by our specialists, are worthy of turning into a BRIALDI bag. But first, the skin is cut, doubled, leveled, glued, sanded, sanded and re-sanded and dyed.

    Our policy towards employees is also aimed at creating bags of the highest quality. They are not limited in time and are not required to issue a certain number of products per week. We do not strive to do as much as possible — we want each bag to be the result of thoughtful and painstaking work, with special attention to detail, without which a high-end product is unthinkable.

    Each BRIALDI product is a true handmade masterpiece, because we select our employees as carefully as we select the leather for our bags. All of them are true masters of their craft, for whom an excellent result of work is the only possible result of painstaking creation, and the pursuit of excellence is a constant motivator.

    And further:

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    • Each masterpiece has its own author. Only one master works on each bag, working according to traditional Italian technologies.
    • 8 hours = 480 minutes = 28,800 seconds. The average time it takes a BRIALDI craftsman to create one leather masterpiece.
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    • Attention to detail. Masters of the private leather manufactory BRIALDI set themselves the task of creating a perfect leather product. That is why great attention is paid to details.

    Leather bags in our catalog


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