Stojo — collapsible glass and bottle for your EDC

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The Stojo brand was founded in New York City by three enthusiasts who wanted to create a reusable mug that was both portable and leakproof. They succeeded — the glass is available in four sizes and in a variety of colors. The accessory is made of certified LFGB silicone free of BPA, phthalates and adhesives.

The mug features: 1) it is dishwasher safe, 2) it fits in standard cup holders, and 3) it includes a leak-proof lid with a seal. In the large accessory — 473 ml — the kit also includes a silicone tube. Another detail — a sleeve — is needed so as not to burn yourself with hot drinks.

A folding mug is an opportunity to save on coffee. As a rule, many cafeterias give a discount to those who come with their own glass. A folding mug is a concern for nature. You are ditching single-use plastic cups, thus helping to reduce plastic waste. Foldable mug eliminates the need to look for an urn. After you have drunk your coffee, you fold the glass, straw and sleeve into one small 5 cm high washer in a few movements. Because Stojo is compact and takes care of the free space in your bag.

Stojo did not stop at glasses. The company also released an eco-friendly collapsible bottle of almost 600 ml. The accessory has the same features as the mug: it is made of food-grade silicone that does not contain harmful substances, it is dishwasher safe, it folds to the size of a fist. All parts of the bottle are sealed, so you can carry it in your bag without worrying about spilling water.

The scope of the bottle is endless because water is everything. The accessory can be thrown into a backpack and go to the office, and already there refill the bottle (rather than buying a new one in the store — here it is, savings!). The advantage of this bottle over the classic versions lies in the foldable nature. It takes up much less space than a traditional water bottle. Outdoor training, barbecuing in the park, relaxing on the beach — and you always have a reliable companion in the form of a cool, high-quality bottle.

The collapsible bottle is available in a variety of colors, so finding your favorite is no problem.

We all talk about functionality, but this is not the only thing that Stojo accessories are notable for. The drop-shaped design is unique, and, by the way, thanks to it, the bottle is larger than plastic bottles — as much as 592 ml. And most importantly, how the accessories are assembled into miniature accessories. The accordion in the middle of a bottle or glass shrinks, and no one will even guess that a whole mug is hidden behind a miniature object.

Stojo started with $1 million in funding and generated $14 million in revenue in just four years. Now, Stojo is as creative and unique as it used to be with ordinary plastic water bottles. But the brand of foldable accessories is much cooler — it makes life easier by saving on coffee, taking care of nature and saving space in your bag.


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