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Casual style

«Fashion can’t be called fashion unless it’s worn on the street.» Coco Chanel

If earlier fashion condescendingly descended from the catwalk, today we can talk about the opposite trend: many designers do not hide the fact that they draw inspiration from the streets. It is the street that decides whether to take root in one or another trend, or to neglect them, ruining them in the bud. We often pick up interesting images, noticing them in the photographs of celebrities, copying the street style of celebrities or simply liked the looks of passers-by. About what street style is today, and which of the stars today sets fashion trends, we will talk today.

Street style (casual), as, in general, the name implies, this is the clothes that we wear every day. And this does not mean at all that we are talking about boring and gray images. Let’s make sure on the example of celebrity street style.

Selena Gomez street style

For the red carpet, the young brunette chooses feminine open dresses, but in real life Selena is a big casual fan. In photographs, you can often see her in comfortable leggings or jeggings, funny t-shirts (that emphasize her youth so cute), uggs. Sometimes Selena gets on her heels, puts on cozy cardigans, complements her looks with interesting voluminous scarves.

Miley Cyrus street style

Miley is a big fan of short denim shorts. In everyday life, she often chooses sports elements in clothes, sometimes surprising with very revealing outfits, inadvertently peeking out details in the form of underwear. Miley plays with layers and sometimes her casual look borders on sloppiness, but the star manages to easily walk this ghostly line. Miley Cyrus street style is 80s old school.

Miranda Kerr street style. A beautiful mother and a successful model in everyday life manages to look like she just stepped off the catwalk. Miranda knows how to wear classic and even strict things — for example, jackets — in combination with classic jeans for street style. Casualness, grunge games and fun print games are all alien to Miranda.

Kristen Stewart street style

Kristen has become a vampire princess only on screen — in real life she wears almost the same outfits as her character before the introduction of vampire poison. So if it’s a princess, then it’s grunge.

Keira Knightley street style

Kira knows how to turn even slight negligence into sophistication. Things from her wardrobe are comfortable, but at the same time feminine. The star loves and knows how to wear hats (her favorite model is Fedora), play with colors, colors and textures. Despite the impressive fees, the girl does not hesitate to confess her love for democratic brands, such as TOPSHOP. In general, Kira is the real queen of british chic!

Taylor Swift street style

Another young charm, pleasing to the eye with its femininity. Taylor knows very well how dresses suit her, and does not skimp on this piece of clothing. In her street looks, the star subtly hints that she is familiar with fashion trends. Her highlights: knitted berets, interesting prints, voluminous cardigans over light dresses.

Blake Lively street style

If you have seen at least a few episodes of the Gossip Girl series, then you can easily get a picture of the style of the young actress — she herself admits that in life she dresses exactly like her heroine Serena.

Irina Shayk street style

Like many models, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend prefers to «rest» off the catwalk from complex designs in clothes and makeup. Nevertheless, she perfectly knows how to combine practicality and convenience with sexuality. Skinny jeans, shorts, Cameron Diaz street styledenim dresses and fitted jackets are her choice.

Street style Cameron Diaz

One of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood may well be called a street style icon. She knows how to be «sexy» and wear appetizing things in such a way that it would never occur to anyone to call Cameron (who is no longer on the list of young talents) a «young old woman.» Simple, discreet colors, tight jeans combined with high heeled boots, fitted coats — all this looks very elegant on the actress.

Charlize Theron street style

Despite the excellent form, in everyday life Charlize does not often pamper fans with dresses and skirts. Her wardrobe is full of jeggings, cozy knitted sweaters and luxurious jumpsuits. And the actress can often be seen in jackets and sandals.

Get inspired by celebrity looks and be your own muse by creating small masterpieces for the streets.


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