Stylish A6 bag: there is no limit to perfection

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From this article you will learn:

  • When a man needs an A6 bag
  • What are the advantages of an A6 bag
  • What role do A6 bags play in a woman’s wardrobe?
  • What women’s A6 bags are now in trend
  • What accessories are used to create A6 bags

When looking at a small handbag, at first it may seem that this is a funny trinket. Well, what can fit in this format? No laptop, no folder with documents. But for a business trip, it is quite suitable. Both women and men often choose A6 bags. After all, a stack of plastic cards, driving licenses and car keys, cigarettes and a smartphone will definitely not be lost here. And the pockets are fine.

What items are A6 bags designed for?

Modern men try to be fashionable, practical and stand out from the crowd. A properly selected bag can give naturalness and freshness to their image. Representatives of the strong half of humanity take her choice very seriously and are guided by the following criteria: high-quality materials, not easily soiled, but trendy color, roomy and at the same time not too conspicuous with its volume format.

Creating such a bag is not an easy task. But that’s what makes it interesting for accessories designers. They widely present the fruits of their labors on the market.

A6 bag

And yet, the most popular among stylish men is the “classic”. It is understandable, a traditional A6 bag goes well with a strict «two» in dark colors. The representatives of the strong half of humanity also fell in love with the format of a retro leather bag. Such models are in harmony with the elements of a working men’s wardrobe, and with the ubiquitous jeans, casual pullover or shirt.

A6 bag

As for the color scheme, as before, men demand bags in dark colors: black, brown, blue and gray. However, not so long ago, thick burgundy and gray-black joined the above favorites.

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Men prefer beige, yellow and even white bags to wear with light-colored clothes. But, choosing such an accessory, it is important to find the harmony of shades.

A6 bag

And now a few words about spaciousness. As a rule, a man needs an A6 bag for a few personal items: documents, driver’s license, plastic cards and a certain amount of banknotes. Well, if its format also provides a place for the phone — a pocket inside or outside. In a word, such a slightly enlarged wallet is the right solution if you do not need to take large-format papers with you.

A6 bag

Most often, men choose the format of bags that can fit in the palm of your hand. Usually they are made of leather, have a square shape, 2-3 compartments inside and a handle sewn to one of the sides. No less in demand are specimens with rings for trouser belts. These bags can be worn on the belt.

5 benefits of an A6 men’s bag

A small bag should be at the disposal of any active and stylish man, because it is very convenient to use.

A6 bag

And here are the rest of the arguments in favor of the fact that the mini bag format is a must have in any modern wardrobe.

  1. Aesthetics. Thanks to its mini-size, an A6 bag characterizes its owner as a decent and wealthy person. He looks, and feels himself, the master of the situation. Therefore, a purse bag is simply necessary if you want to look confident and active in the eyes of others.

  2. A6 bag

  3. Convenience. A leather bag tends to weigh a little. And it is convenient to use it with one hand. And if you need to free both hands, attach the included strap to it and hang the bag over your shoulder.

  4. A6 bag

  5. Multifunctionality. The format of a purse or clutch bag can be easily combined with any outfit. Are you going to the office, shopping, rushing to a date or going to the gym? Take a small bag with you. And everything you need will be at hand, and your image will become more interesting.

  6. A6 bag

  7. Practicality. Since an A6 size bag does not fit much, it is unlikely to come apart at the seams. And the strap of such a product will not rub off after a month of wear. And a small handbag almost does not require special care. So, you do not have to seriously spend money on special tools.

  8. A6 bag

  9. «Investment» in favor of composure. The format of a mini-bag is the same as an open palm: everything is always visible in it. No lipstick, no container for lenses, no key to the office will be lost here. In addition, it is easy to clean up here, because everything superfluous is visible to the naked eye. With this bag, you will easily become more organized and collected.

A6 bag

A6 bags in women’s wardrobe

Definitely, for a woman, the format of a small but roomy handbag is a lifesaver. Indeed, despite its modest dimensions, it can easily fit a smartphone, rights, keys, lipstick and mascara, a pocket mirror, paper handkerchiefs, and headphones.

A6 bag

Also an umbrella to keep out of the rain. A cosmetic bag, a small comb, hairpins and elastic bands — for an «ambulance» to your appearance.

In a word, the format of a small bag is quite capable of helping out in any situation. Such an accessory harmoniously complements the image, emphasizes the advantages and hides the flaws. The main thing is to choose the right bag for color, size and shape.

What women’s A6 bags are now in trend

  1. Color
  2. Until recently, women wore dark bags in winter and autumn and preferred white, beige and colored bags in the sunny, warm season. Now the color of the handbag is recommended to be selected in accordance with the main color of the image. And he is no longer so attached to the season.

    Those who like to wear colorful clothes can pay attention to the format of a casual bag in a neutral, discreet color: black, gray, blue, green, burgundy or brown.

  3. The size
  4. Be guided by what exactly you want to carry in this bag, and your physique.

    Determine where and with what you most often go. For example, in the office, in addition to documents and keys, you also take a lunch box, a cosmetic bag and a book to read on the road. So you need a «spacious» model. If you go shopping, then a bag of medium capacity will be enough for you.

    Pack everything you carry on a daily basis into your current bag and try to keep it closed. If it seemed to you a difficult task, then choose a new accessory more.

    And remember an A6 bag in the hands of a stately woman can visually add extra pounds to her. A voluminous bag does not give femininity to a girl of miniature addition. Therefore, objectively evaluate your external data and approach the issue of choosing a bag format thoroughly. For example, take a picture with the specimens you like and analyze the photo with an open mind.

  5. Material
  6. If you choose a bag for every day, it is best to prefer leather: a durable, moisture-resistant and practical material to care for.

  7. Design

Do you want an original, bright little thing? Take it! This format should be in the arsenal of any fashionista — in case of a party, going out or a fun walk with friends. But in the office and for other routine matters, it is better to take a copy with minimal decor, or even without it at all. Firstly, this option is compatible with most everyday things. Secondly, an accessory with a minimum of jewelry will last longer. Indeed, with daily use, design ideas quickly become worthless.

What should be the accessories for an A6 bag

The best option is metal. It is easy to determine with a magnet. If it attracts the element to itself, then you have steel in front of you. If not, then it’s an imitation.

Usually, metal fittings are “chrome-plated”, painted under silver, brass or gold, aged, blackened. All this looks advantageous on the bag, but does not last long. Therefore, from low-quality metal, which is most often used in the manufacture of accessories, the paint quickly comes off, and it itself becomes dark.

Usually it is sewn into spacious compartments and hidden pockets. And its appearance depends on the model, material and purpose of the bag. For example, in products of daily use, zippers with small metal links are installed for greater reliability.

A6 bag

When you choose a bag, be sure to check the quality of the zipper: simply open and close it several times. If the dog is neat, without jagged edges, “runs” easily, smoothly, then the lightning is working.

This element has a practical meaning — to protect the contents of the bag from prying eyes and hands, and an aesthetic one — to complement, decorate and diversify the image. Locks come in a variety of shapes: round, square, oval, diamond-shaped, and so on. According to the mode of action, they are most often used: snap-on, magnetic, rotary, lockable with a key or combination lock. To make the right choice, decide which lock format will be convenient for you.

  • Penholders

They are the link between the bag itself and the handles. Therefore, it is important that this element is made of durable, high-quality material. Typically, handle holders are made in the form of rings, half rings and squares.

A6 bag

They are sewn, screwed or glued to the corner of an A6 bag. It is better to choose metal. It is more reliable and looks more solid.

  • Strap holder

Usually this is a metal ring or half ring with a hole for a rivet.

Most often they hang pens. They are effectively combined with buckles. If the rings are large, then they can become handles themselves.

Useful if you need to make the strap shorter or longer. They also play a good decorative role.

They help out when you need to remove the belt. The dimensions of the carabiners depend on its width. They serve for a long time and regularly if they are made of metal.

A6 bag

Two loops connected by a pin that allows them to spin. They usually come with carabiners.

Important from both design and functional points of view. Do not let the edges of the holes through which belts, handles, laces and rings are threaded through. Their usual sizes are 3–16 mm.

Or rivets. Decorate an A6 bag and reinforce its seams. There are one-sided (for a belt) and two-sided (for handles), with a mounting height of 6–15 mm and a cap diameter of 6–12 mm.

Fix the belt or pocket flaps. Their sizes vary from 10 to 15 mm. They are magnetic.

In other words, legs. There are spherical, cone-shaped and rectangular. They both decorate and extend the life of the bag, as they are designed to protect its bottom from the outside from dirt.

Where to buy an A6 bag

The highest quality of BRIALDI is the result of many successive operations, the first of which is the selection of material. Only 10% of the leather produced worldwide meets our requirements, and not all of it is honored to become the basis for our products. Only the highest quality raw materials, carefully selected by our specialists, are worthy of turning into a BRIALDI bag. But first, the skin is cut, doubled, leveled, glued, sanded, sanded and re-sanded and dyed.

Our policy towards employees is also aimed at creating bags of the highest quality. They are not limited in time and are not required to issue a certain number of products per week. We do not strive to do as much as possible — we want each bag to be the result of thoughtful and painstaking work, with special attention to detail, without which a high-end product is unthinkable.

Each BRIALDI product is a true handmade masterpiece, because we select our employees as carefully as we select the leather for our bags. All of them are true masters of their craft, for whom an excellent result of work is the only possible result of painstaking creation, and the pursuit of excellence is a constant motivator.

And further:

  • Free shipping. We will deliver your order to any region of Russia for free
  • designer models. Our own model range and small volume of production makes our product unique and emphasizes the sophistication of the taste of our customers.
  • Stylish business solution. BRIALDI leather bags will perfectly complement your business look.
  • 365 days warranty. We are confident in the quality of our products and that is why we provide a full year warranty.
  • Responsibility to buyers. If you prove that the leather is not natural, we will refund the cost of the product in double the amount. In this case, the purchase will remain with you.
  • Each masterpiece has its own author. Only one master works on each bag, working according to traditional Italian technologies.
  • 8 hours of work. The average time it takes a BRIALDI craftsman to create one leather masterpiece.
  • Only natural materials. All products are made of high quality leather of elite varieties: Antique, Floater, Great Nappa, Venezia.
  • Attention to detail. Masters of the private leather manufactory BRIALDI set themselves the task of creating a perfect leather product. That is why great attention is paid to details.

Bags made of genuine leather A6 in our catalog


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